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    5 tips for planning a fun and adventurous family trip to Fiji

    Fiji is the ultimate tropical paradise with white sand beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees swaying in the gentle, warm breezes. The South Pacific archipelago is also ideal for a memorable family vacation. Here are the best family travel tips for Fiji to get you started on planning an unforgettable trip:

    1. Pack smart for the long flight

    Everyone knows traveling with kids on a long-haul flight can be tricky, but packing smart can help. Keep your children entertained with snacks, drinks and activities like a tablet with movies and games. Dress them comfortably for sleeping and in layers that can be added or removed based on temperature changes. Also, consider bringing along noise-canceling headphones and an inflatable neck pillow to help them sleep.

    2. Take advantage of programming for kids and teens

    OUTRIGGER resorts offer kids' programs and activities, so research to find the best option for your family before booking. For instance, OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort has a supervised full-day program that includes activities such as water polo and Fijian games. In addition, teens can enjoy weaving and spear-throwing lessons, pool volleyball, beach bonfires and fun educational programs like coral planting and fish house-building to protect the oceans. 

    3. Hire a nanny

    Yes, you can bring the kids and still indulge in relaxing activities like spa treatments or lounging by the pool. OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort offers the Meimei Nanny Service, where local nannies engage children aged six months to 12 years in customized indoor and outdoor activities, language lessons and Fijian culture. You can relax while feeling confident the little ones are staying engaged and receiving exceptional care.

    4. Explore the outdoors

    Both OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort and OUTRIGGER Castaway Island, Fiji, offer complimentary use of beach equipment like kayaks, paddle boards and snorkeling gear. You can also learn to scuba dive or help to protect our ocean environment by joining a coral planting program led by local marine biologists. And don't forget Fiji has more than just tranquil oceans – plan a day or two to venture outside the resort with a hiking tour of waterfalls and rainforests.

    5. Partake in Fijian cultural activities

    Witnessing the beauty of authentic Fijian performances, like Meke dances and fire walking, is thrilling for kids and kids at heart. The islands also offer opportunities to participate in traditional handicraft demonstrations like wood carving and weaving. OUTRIGGER Castaway Island, Fiji can even arrange a visit to a Fijian village for activities like Fijian cooking demos, storytelling and dancing.

    Fiji's natural beauty and unique culture make it a fantastic family vacation destination. Combine that with a stunning resort location and unbeatable amenities and you'll have an unforgettable trip. So book your stay to experience everything Fiji offers

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