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    Fiji Holiday Cocktail recipes Back to all stories

    'Tis the Season in Fiji

    If you find yourself dreaming of a different kind of white Christmas, consider swapping your snow boots for sand between your toes in tropical Fiji. Here, the holiday season isn’t filled with shopping sprees and dizzying decorations. Instead, residents focus on reconnecting with family, friends, and neighbors.

    Fijians love celebrating Christmas together and the holidays are a community affair. Traditional village festivities start two weeks before Christmas when neighbors gather at the largest house and celebrate there until the New Year. They light candles, string colorful ribbons around the trees, and sing songs together, as well as perform the traditional meke dance.

    Holiday Feasts and Festivities

    Like the chestnuts roasting on an open fire at home, Fijians prepare their holiday feasts using the traditional lovo, an underground stone oven. One of the most popular local dishes served with Christmas dinner is Palusami, or corned beef wrapped in taro leaves and cooked in coconut milk. Other staples include cassava, Dalo, and many varieties of fresh fish.

    Then, of course, there’s kava, Fiji’s national drink.

    Made from the yaqona root, kava remains an important part of community celebrations in Fiji. For visitors, the drink is best sampled under supervision in a traditional kava ceremony. You might find kava somewhat bitter, but when offered, it’s polite to accept the drink in one gulp and greet your hosts with a cheerful cry of “Bula!” (Hello)

    300 Islands of Inspiration

    With more than 300 islands making up the archipelago of Fiji, the variety of experiences feels endless. One constant this time of year is the warm, sunny weather, which draws everyone to the beaches for picnics, sunbathing, and water sports.

    Below the surface, Fiji’s waters teem with marine life. Home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef, the island nation offers some of the most memorable scuba diving in the South Pacific. Consistent swells and exciting breaks entice surfers above while the powder-soft sand is perfect for those seeking relaxation back on land.

    Inspired by salty breezes and tropical flavors, our Outrigger Resorts created a few seasonal cocktail recipes to help you capture the island atmosphere at home this holiday season.

    Santa's Rum Punch from Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

    White rum
    Melon liqueur
    Fresh pineapple
    Fresh lime
    Triple Sec

    Mix It Up:
    • Mix liquid ingredients
    • Garnish with fresh fruit and herbs
    • Enjoy


    Rainbow Christmas by Laisani from Castaway Island, Fiji Resort

    30ml Czarina vodka
    15ml Malibu
    15ml Midori
    5ml fresh lime juice
    10ml strawberry puree

    Mix It Up:
    Rim glass with dry scrape coconut
    Pour vodka, Malibu, and strawberry puree into a shaker, then add ice
    Shake and pour the mixture into a martini glass
    Pour Midori and lime juice into a blender and blend
    Pour into the glass and garnish with a cherry


    Jingle Tingle by Shadow from Castaway Island, Fiji Resort

    30ml white rum
    15ml triple sec
    15ml Midori
    10ml fresh lime juice
    2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

    Mix It Up:
    Pour white rum, triple sec, ice cream and lime juice into a blender, blend until smooth
    Rim glass with green sugar and pour strawberry topping inside
    Add Midori and ice into the glass, and pour blended ingredients
    Garnish with strawberry waffle stick


    And if you want to enjoy the flavor of Fiji on its beautiful shores, you can book your tropical getaway today. From sipping kava (or cocktails) in the local village to swimming in crystal clear lagoons, experience the spirit of the holiday season in festive Fijian-style.

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