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    Escape to Fiji - Best Holiday Paradise Back to all stories

    3 Reasons Why Fiji Is the Tropical Island Escape You Need Now

    Up for going somewhere where the dress code for dinner includes board shorts and grass skirts made from hibiscus? Fiji is a place where the dress code is casual, the landscape is breathtaking and anything is possible. People who have fallen in love with Fiji know this place to be paradise without the gimmicks. If you're a beach lover, then Fiji fits the bill, since a picture-perfect beach is never far away. 

    Here are three more reasons why you need to get to Fiji soon:

    #1 Colorful Coral Reefs  

    The best way to see Fiji is from under the deep blue. Come experience where the bejeweled tides of Oceania meet the glistening waves of the South Pacific. Fiji is renowned among water lovers and adventure seekers for offering some of the best opportunities for diving and snorkeling on the planet.

    The island nation has invested heavily in safeguarding its reefs, so you’ll encounter a truly pristine slice of the Pacific when you dive here. The protected reefs and brilliant formations house thousands of species of fish, and whether you're a beginner or advanced diver, you’ll discover an underwater landscape to test your skills—and satisfy your desire for adventure. There’s everything from clear, calm waters to dramatic drop-off spots on the many small islands that make up Fiji. 

    #2 Authentic Fijian Cuisine 

    There's no filter needed when you take a snap of what's on your plate dining at one of Fiji's beautiful resort restaurants. The colorful fruits and vegetables will be vibrant and bright enough to attract eyes on their own, and you'll feel like you're feasting in the Garden of Eden as you savor sweet, juicy fruit harvested from local growers during your stay in Fiji. 

    One of the big staples of Fiji's cuisine is fish. Favorites like snapper, tuna, crab, grouper, prawns and lobster are often cooked in yummy coconut milk to really drive home that island flavor. The freshness and realness of what you're eating in Fiji will add to that euphoric, on-top-of-the-world feeling that's going to grow inside you with each additional day you stay.

    #3 Over 300 Islands 

    Most holiday destinations only provide you with one place to explore. However, saying that you're going to Fiji really means you're visiting a kingdom full of lush, exotic islands that all come with their own stories. So, which Fijian Islands should you visit? 

    Viti Levu is Fiji’s largest island and home to the international airport, and one not to miss. Located on the Coral Coast, this island is great for everything from jungle hikes and river rafting to bustling city life and great cuisine. And one of its top resorts, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is the best place to stay in Fiji for families, with a beautiful tropical pool and tons of activities for kids and teens of all ages.

    The Fiji island group known as the Mamanuca Islands is also a must, offering a chance to explore a volcanic archipelago traced by fringed palms and clear-as-diamonds tides. A popular filming location, the Mamanuca Islands have made an appearance in popular movies and television shows like the reality TV series Survivor and Cast Away featuring Tom Hanks. The Mamanuca Islands also may be the most romantic island group in the South Pacific. Castaway Island, Fiji Resort, located in the heart of the islands, is a perfect jumping off place to explore. Find quaint villages, stunning resorts, live coral reefs and fascinating diving spots as you explore these islands. The nearly unprecedented biodiversity of the ecosystem of this area makes it a true gem among gems.

    Ready to explore fascinating culture, lush rainforests and intensely beautiful undersea-reefs? Whether it's the polished main island of Viti Levu or remote islands concealed under cloaks of Pacific lushness, Fiji is proof that nothing feels more luxurious than being unapologetically wild. It's all waiting in Fiji. Click here to book our best rates of the year.

    Your next vacation awaits.