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    All the right notes: Blue Note Chef Nani Kuloloia shares her story

    In the heart of Waikiki lies a cultural cornerstone that harmonizes the world of culinary arts with the rhythm of music: Blue Note Hawaii at the iconic OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beach Resort.  

    The venue's new chef, Nani Kuloloia, shares a bit about her experience at this iconic spot with us.

    Flavors dance

    Blue Note Hawaii chef Nani Kuloloia

    Born and raised in the sun-kissed lands of Nanakuli, Hawaii, Nani’s culinary narrative began at the tender age of eight. 

    "He used to call me his right hand when the left one was busy,” Nani shares of her father. 

    This early introduction to cooking ignited a passion that led her to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Seattle, where she graduated with top honors. Nani's career has included cooking for dignitaries and celebrities – a testament to her skill and dedication. 

    "The culinary industry has taken me places I have never dreamed of," she shares. 

    Yet, her heart longed for Hawaii and to share her culinary artistry with her home.

    The world meets Aloha

    Blue Note Hawaii Showroom

    "As I stepped into this revitalized venue, I was not just entering a space of musical legacy but also a world where flavors dance to the beat of Hawaii’s heart," says Nani.

    After undergoing a multi-million-dollar revitalization, this 9,000-square-foot facility seats more than 300 but maintains its signature intimate ambiance. From jazz maestros to pop icons, the venue celebrates music in all forms, standing as a testament to the island's rich musical and culinary heritage. 

    "It’s a place where the music of the world meets the spirit of Aloha," says Nani, highlighting Blue Note Hawaii's unique cultural blend. 

    Island soul

    Lamb dish at Blue Note Hawaii

    At Blue Note Hawaii, the culinary offerings are as much a star as the music. 

    “This venue is not just about great music," Nani says. "It’s about creating an experience where food and music come together.” 

    The full-service restaurant and bar showcase a menu that complements the musical lineup. Guests savor local flavors while enjoying performances, making each visit a multi-sensory delight.  

    "Our cuisine is a reflection of the island's soul, as much as the music that fills this space," Nani adds. 

    Blue Note Hawaii stands as a beacon of cultural fusion, where the love for food and music creates an unforgettable experience and, as Nani says, a true essence of Hawaii.

    "Every dish, every note played, is a piece of our story." 

    Waikiki Beach

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