Resort Activities & Island Exploration

Complimentary Activities and Beach Services for Resort Guests:

Glass bottom boat trips
Snorkeling trips
Paddle boat
Stand-up paddle
Beach volleyball
Table tennis
Bocce ball

Paid Activities Available Off-Site

Sailing lessons
Kite surfing
Deep sea fishing
Catamaran excursions
Speed boat tours
Dolphin tours
Scuba diving
Tours in the Nature Reserve (quad, biking)
18-hole golf
Electric biking

Discover Mauritius

Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius. ~ Mark Twain 1896

Mauritius throughout history has been considered The Key and Star of the Indian Ocean due to its strategic geographic location. The island's volcanic origin has afforded fertile soil, ample fresh water, splendid tropical vegetation, and unique fauna among which was the famous, but now extinct, Dodo. Mauritius was the perfect stopover for navigators on the way to the Spice Islands.

Earliest recordings of the islands of Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues date back to 1500 by Portuguese navigator Diego Dias. This group of islands at one time was also named Les Mascareignes after Portuguese navigator Pedro Mascarenhas.

The Dutch rediscovered the island in 1598 and named it Mauritius in the honor of Maurice de Nassau, their head of state. The island became a regular stopover for Dutch, British and French ships. The first Dutch settlement was ordered by the United East Indian Company (VOC) in 1638 lasting until 1658. A second settlement was established from 1664 to 1710. The Dutch introduced sugar cane from Java, which continues to present day as the island's principal agricultural crop. Mauritius remained a stopover for ships of all nations trading in the east until 1715 when France took possession and renamed it Ile de France. France colonized the island from 1721 and it was an important maritime and commercial port until 1810 when the British assumed control and renamed the island Mauritius. Independence was granted in 1968 and Mauritius became a Republic in 1992.

Today, Mauritius offers a diversity of culture embodied in the traditional practices of its residents whose roots are in India, Africa, Malagasy, Europe and Asia. It is common to see a church, pagoda, mosque and temple next to each other. Mauritius is a rare country where both French and English is spoken by locals. Within its two thousand square kilometers, Mauritius' colorful past continues to peacefully coexist.

Mauritius has a vibrant hospitality culture and for years has been one of the most prestigious beach and island destinations in the world. It is known for service excellence and upscale accommodation. We invite you to experience this at Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort.

Escape ordinary at Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort.

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