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    Mauritius: A rum-lover's hidden paradise

    If the shimmering beaches of Mauritius weren't already beckoning you, its colorful rum legacy certainly will. 

    While the Caribbean has long been the poster child for rum enthusiasts, Mauritius is swiftly emerging as a contender. Rum's essence, distilled from sugar cane, is the island's liquid gold, and both “Rhum Agricole” from fresh cane and “traditional rum” from molasses are expertly produced here. 

    But it's the inventive infusions, using native fruits and spices, that set Mauritian rum apart. 

    Taste test

    Cocktail at OUTRIGGER Mauritius Beach Resort

    Two destinations are a must-visit to immerse yourself in the Mauritian rum experience. Check out these spots to sample the flavors and be transported to the spirit of legends with hints of Queen Victoria pineapples, aromatic vanilla beans, or the spicy undertones of ginger in your glass. This is not just rum; this is a sensory journey.

    • Rhumerie de Chamarel
      Nestled amidst verdant green hills, this distillery offers guided tours that delve into the rum-making process and end with a tasting session of their finest rums. The panoramic views of the surrounding plantations only add to the allure.
    • OUTRIGGER Mauritius Beach Resort
      Here, rum-tasting is as luxurious as the resort itself. Try a sample at our Plantation Club lounge with Mauritian fusion cuisine against a backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

    Create your own cocktail

    Blue Penny Cocktail

    Whether you're reminiscing after your stay, fantasizing about a future adventure or indulging in armchair travel, crafting your Mauritian-inspired cocktail will set the perfect stage. 

    Here are a couple to whet your appetite:

    Old Fashioned Penny Blue Cocktail


    Rum Penny Blue XO 6cl
    Raw brown sugar 1 coffee spoon
    Angostura bitter, 4–5 drops
    One large orange peel


    • Place sugar in an old-fashioned glass and saturate with Angostura; muddle until dissolved
    • Fill the glass with large ice cubes and add your Penny Blue XO rum
    • Stir gently
    • Twist your orange peel above your cocktail and drop it into your glass

    Zakoko Cocktail


    New Grove Silver (white rum)    50 ml
    Coconut water               100 ml
    Cardamon                        2 teaspoons
    Pineapple Juice               60 ml
    Mint leaves                     10 pcs
    Lime Juice                        15 ml
    Sugar syrup                     15 ml


    • Add all ingredients into a shaker
    • Add crushed ice
    • Shake until combined
    • Ideally serve in a coconut or tall glass

    Book a stay with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean to sample delicious rum – and deliciously Mauritian adventure – for yourself!

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    When you stay at OUTRIGGER, you're not just booking a vacation, but embarking on a cultural journey that resonates with the music and spirit of our local traditions. 

    Your next vacation awaits.