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    5 Tips for a Magical Fiji Destination Wedding Back to all stories

    How to Plan a Fiji Destination Wedding in 5 Tips

    There’s nothing more exciting than planning your big day—except when it will be held on Fiji's "happiness" island paradise. We talked to OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort's two senior wedding planners, Darshita Naidu and Lauren Jasprizza, for their advice on how to plan a Fiji destination wedding—and as they say in Fijian, sega na leqa (all good)!

    Beach Wedding Setup | 5 Tips for a Magical Fiji Destination Wedding

    The Venue: Consider Beyond the Beach

    A beach ceremony in Fiji is nothing short of spectacular, but don't forget to explore other options, from lawn gatherings to hilltop ceremonies. One we love is the Outrigger Fiji hilltop Bure Ni Loloma ("House of Love") Chapel, with views across the Coral Coast and the Pacific Ocean. Take a journey up the hilltop in a buggy as you overlook the entire resort—and take in the romance.

    Sunset Wedding | 5 Tips for a Magical Fiji Destination Wedding

    The Flowers: From Frangipani to Scentscaping

    One of the most talked-about wedding trends is here to stay: adding custom aromas as an accent. Because scent is so tied to memory, this is a beautiful—and meaningful—way to mark the occasion. But it doesn't have to come from candles. Fresh, local flowers in the tropics can give off luxurious scents, especially those like frangipani. These are gorgeous as a "tekiteki," or a single flower, on the ear for the bride and as frangipani lei for the whole party and perfect for a Fiji destination wedding. Add in some bright ginger and hibiscus for pops of color (the latter is great for table decor), and overall make sure to choose local flowers to hold their integrity in the tropical climate and stay stunning.

    Wedding Flower | 5 Tips for a Magical Fiji Destination Wedding

    The Guest Entertainment: Try Tapas and High Tea

    When it comes to destination weddings, one of the most exciting elements is having your guests join you in celebrating all weekend long. At Outrigger Fiji, you can explore around the island and on the Viti Levu coast, from day fishing trips to on-ocean cocktails on Cloud 9 floating bar to snorkeling with neon coral. But sometimes, it's even more fun to celebrate in style at the resort itself. For the day before the wedding, plan for a laid-back afternoon of golf and a bucket of beers or canapés and high tea at the spa. Gather your guests between the ceremony and reception dinner for lawn games and tapas. And for a post-wedding nightcap, plan for poolside cocktails for an intimate chill vibe.

    The Custom Touches: Find Your Serenade

    The most important thing is that your Fiji destination wedding feels like you, so take time to seek out those few extra touches that make it perfect-for-you special. Even better? Adding in elements of local culture. At Outrigger, that means a ceremony serenade from local musicians strumming in Fijian. Warriors from traditional villages can escort the bride down the aisle or carry them on a traditional chair. Or, for those who can't have loved ones there, local children gather to act as flower girls.

    Hosts | 5 Tips for a Magical Fiji Destination Wedding

    The Vibe: Be Bula

    One thing not to do: panic. Trust the team of professionals who love what they do—it's not just a job for them; it's a passion to help you create your fjiji dream destination wedding. Much planning goes into it, but as Darshita says, "The wedding ceremony itself is so short. Enjoy it and make it last."

    Book your dream destination wedding now at OUTRIGGER Fiji, where we'll take care of everything so you can focus on the "I do." And stay for the honeymoon with three nights complimentary at our sister resort, Castaway Island, Fiji, with our Dream Wedding Package.

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