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    6 reasons to Visit Mauritius Back to all stories

    6 Reasons to Visit Mauritius Right Now

    Catch that Mauritius magic now that the destination is open once more for relaxation, adventure and sun-soaked indulgence. The star of the Indian Ocean, this island nation is famed for its palm-lined beaches, gorgeous lagoons, rare reefs and unmatched hospitality—and the volcanic terrain on this paradise in the sun makes it one of the most unique places on the planet. 

    From the glamour and wealth of the port city of Port Louis and inimitable culture to verdant rolling hills and the deserted-island-vibes of secluded beaches, you don't want to miss a thing. Luckily, we have you covered. Check out our round-up of the six coolest things to do on Mauritius now. Mari bon!

    #1 Tour the Black River Gorges National Park

    Famed for its well-marked trails and beautiful scenery, Black River Gorges National Park is a gem tucked away in the island country's southwestern portion. Sign up with a guide to tour raw, rugged jungle trails with opportunities to swim in waterfalls. You're also likely to see plenty of "old world" macaques monkeys swinging around in search of bananas.

    6 reasons to Visit Mauritius

    #2 Experience the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark and Waterfall

    Showing off the paintbrush work of the gods, Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark is a "layer cake" of sand dunes in red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. While you're checking out this psychedelic dune land, don't forget to stop at the Chamarel Waterfall. Plunging more than 100 meters down a lush, breathtaking backdrop, the Chamarel Waterfall is the highest waterfall on Mauritius. Access to the falls is included in your park ticket.

    6 Reasons to Visit Mauritius Right Now

    #3 Stroll Around the Le Caudan Waterfront

    Made recognizable by its canopy of floating multicolored umbrellas, the Caudan Waterfront area in Port Louis offers high-end shopping and dining with an old-world market feel. This beautiful area is home to a craft market, casino, movie theater, museum, and more. At night, shoppers and diners delight in live street entertainment by the marina.

    #4 Relax on Flic en Flac Beach

    Considered the most popular beach on Mauritius, Flic en Flac Beach has a well-deserved reputation for being beautiful. This is a long coral beach set beside the bluest lagoon your eyes can imagine. While you'll definitely want to reserve time for remote beaches, coming to Flic en Flac Beach is an essential experience if you want to see where everyone hangs out. Walk from your spot under a thatched umbrella on the shore to get some natural refreshment from a mango cart, check out the many food trucks that line the beach or head into a bar for cocktails.

    6 reasons to Visit Mauritius

    #5 Visit Central Market

     A staple of life in Port Louis, Central Market is where tourists and locals come together for spices, vegetables, fruits and everyday foods. It's also where you'll find clothing, hats, wallets, jewelry, trinkets and other unique gifts and keepsakes to bring home with you. Take a moment to take in all of the scents and sounds swirling around you in this authentic marketplace where different world cultures come together to do commerce the way people have been doing it for centuries.

    #6 Do a Rum and Sugarcane Tasting

    Experience the sugar and spice of Mauritius with a tasting at the famed Rhumerie de Chamarel distillery. One of the only distilleries in operation to cultivate its own sugarcane, Rhumerie de Chamarel offers tours of its eco-friendly estate. Partake in more than 21 rum flavors inspired by the tropics. You can also bring home bottles and packets for enjoying authentic Mauritian rum at home. Craving a sip of Mauritius now? "Armchair travel" to this island wonderland using our exclusive recipe for a spiced rum cocktail.

    Plan Your Mauritius Moments

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