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    Earth Day - Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Back to all stories

    Earth Day Spotlight: 5 Friends of Outrigger Who Are Doing Great Things for the Environment

    As part of a global conservation initiative called Outrigger’s ZONE (OZONE) – we have cultivated partnerships and friendships with both individuals and companies that embody our beach resort brand's commitment to sustainable, socially conscious principles. As the world comes together to spotlight the beautiful planet we all call home this Earth Day, get to know five amazing people doing meaningful things for conservation the Waikiki way. 

    Earth Day - Outrigger Hotels & Resorts

    Turning Trash Into Treasure // @Sashaloha

    Proving that what's old can help keep the planet new, this Japan-born artist with a Hawaiian upbringing made a pivot from the broadcasting world to create Sasha Supports Hawaii, an initiative to help promote local artisans and craftsman. The latest component, her HUI Project, upcycles fabric remnants from local designers into new sustainable designs. In the winter of 2021, Sasha became the newest “Beachcomber Original” at Hawai‘i’s first and only craft hotel, with regular Instagram live broadcasts from Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger, allowing Sasha to provide exposure for local Hawaiian artists to her thousands of followers around the world.

    A Radical Commitment to Sustainability // Kelly Slater x Outerknown

    In 2015, Kelly Slater founded Outerknown with the intention of making a radical commitment to sustainability in the fashion world. He spent 28 months visiting markets around the world to source sustainable materials and production methods. Today, anyone can buy high-performance, ultra-stylish gear that embodies the vibrant, responsible vibe of Outerknown. For anyone tired of "dirty denim" that is responsible for billions of gallons of water waste annually, Outerknown's S.E.A. JEANS provide a breath of fresh air! The Outerknown line also utilizes fair labor standards. Stay tuned for a “Surfers in Residence” segment with Kelly Slater—coming soon!

    Creating Murals for Change // Erin Ibarra 

    A self-taught artist who has become Hawaii's esteemed "chalk queen" in recent years, Erin Ibarra highlights the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Hawaii's marine life with every stroke of color. Recently, Ibarra unveiled an oversized sea goddess mural at the Waikiki Malia by Outrigger hotel. Depicting the goddess creature adorned in coral, this expansive work captures the spirit of Waikiki—and is a literal reminder of the coral that needs to be protected for the preservation of all marine life.

    Falling in Love with the Ocean through Surf // Faith Surf School

    An icon within Honolulu's surfing culture, Tammy Moniz has made it her mission to help people of all ages learn to enjoy the freedom and joy riding the Waikiki waves. Tammy and her husband's Faith Surf School at Outrigger Waikiki is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the island, drawing an appreciation for this stunning coastline. When not sharing her passion for the nature of Waikiki, Moniz creates cool music, from a collaboration with Bruno Mars' sister, Tiara Hernandez, on the children's song “I LOVE HAWAII” to her famed ukulele lessons for people who have always dreamed of learning authentic Hawaiian rhythms. 

    Sunscreen that Makes a Difference // All Good 

    When it comes to caring for your skin and the environment, All Good Brand is one of the best. And now that Hawaii has officially banned sunscreens containing the two chemicals that are the biggest underwater pollutants—oxybenzone and octinoxate—it's essential to have the right sunscreen for your stay. All Good Brand provides reef-safe sunscreens that are also cruelty-free and botanical. Added bonus? To help guests enjoy sun protection safely without causing harm to the environment, we provide our guests with complimentary All Good sunscreen. Outrigger was the first Hawaii hospitality company to promote reef-safe sunscreen to its guests as part of its global conservation initiative, OZONE. Happy skin, happy planet!

    Celebrating Earth Day 

    The five people and brands highlighted above prove that we can all push forward with sustainable, eco-friendly living while also enriching our local cultures and economies. Their boldness, innovativeness and refusal to compromise ensure that future generations can continue to say "Aloha" to the natural beauty and wonder of a healthy, living planet. 

    We are also committed to protecting Hawaii's natural resources. Join us in supporting the beautiful surroundings around us while you escape the beach of your dreams

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