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    4 Tips for Safe, Healthy Travels in the Months Ahead

    Are you in need of the perfect island escape in 2021? The world has changed over the last year, but the good news is that you can still count on having the positive impact of travel in your life. Smart, safe travels are possible — as long as you take some basic precautions. Resorts around the world, like Outrigger, have been busy implementing safety-forward protocols in anticipation of welcoming guests back

    Additionally, there are lots of things that travelers can do to plan a health-smart Hawaiian holiday. Here are a few tips. 

    1. Pick a Destination Famous for Outdoor Attractions

    Choosing the right spot is the first step to planning a responsible, enjoyable vacation. The consensus is that the time is right to finally enjoy some remote, tropical locales. That means that you're already ahead of the game if you've picked Hawaii as your destination. 

    Fresh air and huge, sprawling beaches allow you to feel like you're out in the wild again after months of feeling isolated and limited in quarantine. The best part is that fun activities like showstopping hikes and kayaking excursions aren't impacted by COVID-19 cautiousness at all. 

    2. Make a Germ-Smart Plan for Travel

     The truth is that the days of "carefree" travel planning are probably over for a while. You can still get that "whisked away" feeling of packing your bags before jetting off to a tropical spot with a little bit of careful planning. Here's a checklist for very clean, germ-free travel:

    • Be smart and consistent about wearing your mask.

    • Opt for a roller suitcase instead of a duffel bag. Roller suitcases stay upright over the floor to ensure that you're not resting your bags on surfaces.

    • Give your airplane seat an old-fashioned cleaning. Bring your own high-quality disinfectant wipes to wipe down your seatbelt, armrest, tray table, headrest, seat-back screens and knobs before taking your seat.

    • When traveling by car, try to rely on pre-packed meals and beverages as much as possible to avoid stops. Protein is your friend if you're looking for foods that will hold off hunger. 

    The goal when traveling is really to limit contact with surfaces as much as possible. That means a very strategic, tight plan for packing away your belongings to ensure that you can grab whatever you need easily. It's also important to be consistent about washing hands or applying hand sanitizer after you do come into contact with service desks, kiosks or luggage carousels as part of the check-in process. Hand sanitizer "keyrings" that dangle from your bag are perfect for easy access. 

    3. Be Germ Savvy Once You're at Your Destination

    The first step is to always choose a resort that is committed to guests' wellbeing and safety and that you trust to implement safety measures. 

    When you arrive, think of your hotel room as your staging ground for a germ-smart holiday. While in your hotel, keep your room as clean as possible. Bring along some Clorox wipes to disinfect surfaces as you go.

    Create an area near the entrance of your room where you can slip out of clothing that you've worn while sightseeing without "bringing it inside." 

    4. View Dining a Different Way

    When dining while on vacation, outdoor options and food trucks are big right now, in addition, you should take time to explore options for curbside pickup and takeout near where you'll be doing your sightseeing. You may just find that the views are better when you pick up your food before roaming off to eat in a secluded spot with breathtaking views. Use COVID-19 as a reason to make nature your dining table. 

    How Outrigger Is Responding: Your Partner in Planning a Healthy, Safe Vacation

    Outrigger's Clean Commitment to providing safe, relaxing holiday experiences for our adventurers has never been stronger. We've completely reimagined the way we accommodate guests to reduce exposure while maintaining a top-of-the-line vacation experience. Our team is on top of facilitating a clean, crisp environment that's in full compliance with all requirements and regulations set forth by health experts. In addition, Outrigger offers a worry-free cancellation policy. We can't wait to show you how enjoyable and stress-free a tropical beach vacation can be. 

    Your next vacation awaits.