Sunrise Shack Waikiki

5 Superfoods to Start Your Day in Waikiki


Sunrise Shack Waikiki

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Sunrise Shack, Waikiki. That’s it. That’s the secret. 

Sunrise Shack is your one-stop shop to get the superfoods that will launch all of your Oahu adventures - the right way.

1. Coconut Bullet Coffee

2. The Blue Dream Bowl. Or Acai Bowl. Or Jungle Matcha Bowl. Or Monkey Bowl. Okay, just try all of them.

3. Avocado Toast

4. The Tropical Smoothie

5. Papaya Bowl

If bullet coffee is new to you, Sunrise Shack’s menu has a handy description: “Sunrise Shack’s mold free, organic coffee lightly blended with coconut oil, MCT oil and grass-fed butter. Drinking bullet coffee with healthy fats promotes long lasting energy, mental clarity and good vibes!” After trying one for ourselves, we became hooked. It’s absolutely worth the try!

The Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort is the proud home of Sunrise Shack; with iconic views of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach in their backyard, can it get much better than this?

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