Outrigger Resorts Signature Experiences

Escape Ordinary Local Arrival Cultural Experiences Vow Renewal Ceremony Sunset Ceremony Local Farewell

Escape Ordinary

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Immerse yourself in an array of unique local amenities and cultural programs of our exclusive Signature Experiences.

Local Arrival

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A heartfelt local greeting, cold towel, refreshing locally-inspired beverage and welcome gift greets each guest to Outrigger Resort

Cultural Experiences

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A variety of complimentary activities, customs and exclusive off-site excursions are offered for guests to interact with the local community.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

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Some things are worth saying twice. Renew your vows in an intimate culturally-inspired beachfront ceremony exclusively for our guests.

Sunset Ceremony

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A traditional cultural presentation unique to each destination is held during sunset, such as a torch lighting, chant, conch shell blowing or dance.

Local Farewell

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To express our gratitude, a locally inspired gift unique to each property is presented upon departure, wishing a safe and happy journey home.

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