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    Waikiki resorts & hotels

    Our complete Waikiki vacation guide

    Waikiki resorts & hotels - our complete Waikiki vacation guide

    Table of contents

    A popular and vibrant Honolulu neighborhood, Waikiki is full of fantastic sights and experiences that are enjoyed by people from all over the world. We've put together a vacation guide to introduce you to the Waikiki resorts, places and activities that you'll want to consider when planning your trip. So put on some sunscreen, slip into your flip flops and get ready to learn about what Waikiki has to offer.

    ​Here's why you should stay in Waikiki

    Couple on the beach in Waikiki

    Waikiki is home to some of the world's most famous beaches – and some Waikiki resort hotels are located just steps from the water. Depending on the Waikiki resort that you choose to stay at, you may be able to walk right out of the door and onto the beach. Surfing culture is huge in this neighborhood, and surfers form an iconic backdrop to the swells on Waikiki Beach.

    Away from the waves, Waikiki is full of fine dining, premium shopping and markets selling locally-made goods. And if you decide to stretch your legs and venture outside of Honolulu, you're within convenient distance of many nature preserves and other attractions. A hotel or resort in Waikiki can serve as a great home base, and also as a jumping-off point for exploring other areas of the island.

    Waikiki resorts and hotels

    OUTRIGGER Reef Waikiki Beach Resort
    Contemporary Hawaiian retreat rooted in cultural activities, local artwork and world-renowned restaurant Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman.
    $327 night
    Lowest daily rate (does not include taxes and fees)
    Learn More
    OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beach Resort
    Home to spectacular sunsets, surf lessons, and the legendary Duke’s Waikiki, this resort is made for soaking up the sun.
    $287 night
    Lowest daily rate (does not include taxes and fees)
    Learn More
    Outrigger Waikiki Beachwalk Hotel exterior
    OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel
    Curated by local artists, Hawaii’s first and only craft hotel puts you steps from the surf, sand and nightlife of Waikiki Beach. Top-ranked on Trip Advisor.
    $251 night
    Lowest daily rate (does not include taxes and fees)
    Learn More
    OHANA Waikiki Easy by Outrigger exterior
    OHANA Waikiki East by OUTRIGGER
    Stay in the center-of-it-all with nightlife, diverse dining, and Waikiki’s International Marketplace just steps away.
    $178 night
    Lowest daily rate (does not include taxes and fees)
    Learn More

    The main sections of Waikiki

    Beach in Waikiki


    • Waikiki Beach: A legendary and popular location, Waikiki Beach is approximately two miles in length – and it's actually made up of eight different beaches. With striking white sands and turquoise water, this paradisal location is a sight to behold from sunup to sundown. The beach's very close proximity to Waikiki resorts makes it a first stop for many travelers when they arrive on the island.

    • Ala Moana Beach Park: While not technically part of Waikiki, Ala Moana Beach Park is located just to the northwest. It features a calm lagoon area, walking paths and ample lawn space. Within walking distance of the resorts in Waikiki, the park is a favorite gathering place in the evening – it offers a fantastic vantage point to watch the sunset.

    • Kalakaua Avenue: Named after King Kalakaua, Kalakaua is the main shopping thoroughfare in Waikiki - and in all of Honolulu. Waikiki hotel, resort and designer stores stretch over the area. You can shop high-end luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and more. Or, outfit yourself in surf-friendly apparel at the Billabong or Volcom stores. Kalakaua Avenue runs all the way from central Waikiki to Kapiolani Park.

    • Kuhio Avenue: Kuhio Avenue is named after Prince Kuhio and features a wide array of restaurants, grocery stores, and nightclubs – making it a great spot to explore by day or by night depending on your mood.

    • Kapiolani Park: Originally serving as the location of a horse racing course, Kapiolani Park is the largest public park in Hawaii – and it's also the second oldest. Located on the eastern end of Waikiki, it houses the Honolulu Zoo, the Waikiki Aquarium and a large outdoor concert venue called the Waikiki Shell. There are also many sports fields throughout the park.

    Things to do in Waikiki

    Surfing in Waikiki

    Visit the Honolulu Zoo: Located in close proximity to many of the hotels in Waikiki Hawaii, the Honolulu Zoo is impeccably landscaped and spans more than 40 acres. It houses around 900 different species of tropical animals – including elephants, primates, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

    Visit the Waikiki Aquarium: The Waikiki Aquarium was founded in 1904, making it the second-oldest aquarium in the US. The aquarium overlooks a living coral reef and is home to more than 3,500 fish, invertebrates and marine animals. You can take in the colorful array of sea life and also participate in hands-on classes that will teach you more about the aquarium's residents.

    Learn how to surf: Waikiki holds a central place in the history and culture of surfing. It's no surprise if you feel compelled to learn how to ride the waves while you're here – and there are plenty of surf schools in the area that can teach you the basics, build your confidence and get you up on your board. At the end of the day, you can return to your Waikiki hotel and sleep like a baby.

    Dine in style: Kuhio and Kalakaua avenues boast a wide range of fine dining options guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. And many Waikiki resorts also offer great restaurants right on property.

    Shop until you drop: The Waikiki Beach Walk is minutes away from many Waikiki resorts and is full of premium stores and restaurants. Or, shop over 90 stores at the International Market Place, a unique open-air shopping center.

    Take a tour: Whether by land or by sea, there are countless tour opportunities available near the resorts in Waikiki Hawaii. You can go on a jungle expedition, visit some of the famous sites where Hollywood movies have been shot or even go underwater in a submarine.

    Attend a Luau: Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture and experience the joy of a luau. You'll eat delicious Hawaiian food, witness fantastic dancing, and if you’re brave, you'll even learn how to hula.

    Waikiki resorts & hotels - how to find a hotel or resort in Waikiki

    OUTRIGGER Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

    When it comes to resorts and hotels, Waikiki Hawaii is full of great options. Travel websites can be a great resource for beginning your search. Waikiki resorts often come with a number of luxurious amenities, and a travel website can allow you to narrow down a list of locations that offer exactly what you're after.

    What is the difference between a hotel and a resort?

    Voyager 47 Club Lounge

    If you're searching for accommodations and trying to figure out the difference between a Waikiki hotel and Waikiki resort, have no fear – the distinction between the two is simple. A hotel is designed primarily for the purpose of providing lodging, while resorts offer a number of additional amenities such as dining, shopping and entertainment.

    What accommodations does OUTRIGGER provide?

    Coral Reef Penthouse Suite Waikiki

    OUTRIGGER resorts and hotels in Waikiki are highly-rated and situated right in the heart of the neighborhood. Each location offers its own unique charm.

    • OUTRIGGER Reef Waikiki Beach Resort boasts breathtaking ocean views, luxury amenities and easy access to the beach. You'll be steps away from some of Hawaii's most iconic scenery.
    • OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beach Resort pays respect to Waikiki's rich surfing history. Consider taking a lesson during your stay, and be sure to enjoy some of the diverse live music and cultural activities that are on offer.
    • Decked out in Hawaiian art and photographs, the OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel offers artisanal food, local beer and plenty of good vibes.
    • OHANA Waikiki East by Outrigger is located right next to the International Market Place. It's surrounded by the good-natured bustle of restaurants and shops, and it offers kitchenettes in some suites.

    So – where will you stay? Browse our Waikiki locations and find the perfect fit.

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