In celebration of OZONE Day and World Ocean Day, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is hosting events for guests that help nurture the local coral systems. Join us June 8, 2017 for an educational workshop for building and then sinking “fish houses” made of transplanted coral, which will become a coral nursery and attract a number of fish and other marine life over time.

11AM - Fish House construction with our activities team and guests. We will then locate this fish houses off our reef and transplant some of our propagated coral onto these. 

11:30AM - Coral planting onto propagation racks. With guests we will plant some new coral onto our propagation racks for transplanting in the future.

2:00PM - Arrival of Giant Clam and housing. We are working with a local NGO and department of fisheries to adopt some more giant clams. We are hoping that on 8th June they will deliver some more clams for us which we will place into our “Clam Village” located in front of the resort. 

Click here for more information about Outrigger's OZONE conversation initiatives.

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