At Castaway Island, Fiji guests can participate in the Mamaunuca Environment Society's coral planting program which propagates living coral to replant in reef systems around the island. In celebration of OZONE Day and World Ocean Day, we'll also be hosting a variety of additional activities for our guests throughout the day on June 8, 2017:

9:00AM - Snorkeling lesson
10:15AM - Ozone opening at MES
10:20AM - Coral Planting 
10:45AM - Butterfly fish counting 
11:15AM - Trash line game on beach
12:00PM - Lunch
1:30PM - Coral Reef Song 
2:15PM - Coastal tree planting 
3:00PM - Beach volleyball
5:30PM - Sunset kayak 
6:30PM - Night snorkel 
8:45PM - OZONE message from GM 
9:00PM - Presentation by MES

Click here for more information about Outrigger's OZONE conversation initiatives.

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