Maui travel updates

Our Maui hosts welcomes you to their island home

Mahalo for the overwhelming display of aloha from around the globe. OUTRIGGER is following the direction of state and local authorities and supports responsible travel to Maui. The majority of Maui is currently open, and the non-impacted areas of West Maui will be open beginning October 8, 2023. 

For the latest updates, visit the official government website


As you prepare for your upcoming trip, please note Oahu, Hawaii Island (Big Island) and Kauai islands are not impacted by wildfire disasters and are safe for travel. 


OUTRIGGERCares Maui Host Relief Fund

The well-being of our cherished employees on Maui is our utmost priority. Your donation delivers crucial financial relief and aid in the recovery of our employees directly impacted by the heart-wrenching aftermath of the wildfires on Maui.

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Maui Strong Fund

Help support the community of Maui that has been affected with a donation to the Maui Strong Fund. 

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