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    Welcome to the Ozone

    Ocean + coral conservation at Outrigger Resorts & Hotels. Our link to the ocean is unbreakable.

    Conservation initiatives

    As the premier beach resort company in the world, our ocean's health is intricately linked to our success. Therefore, its stewardship is our responsibility. And we take that seriously.

    The Outrigger ZONE

    Our OZONE conservation initiative serves to provide enriching experiences for our guests, hosts and local communities; as well as to ensure that our properties actively do their part to protect our oceans and help them to thrive for generations to come.

    Coral bleaching

    Some chemicals in common sunscreen brands can be harmful to coral reefs and marine environments. Fortunately, there are mineral sunscreens that reflect the sun’s rays using ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. We've been making these types of “reef-safe” sunscreens available to our resort guests since 2014.

    Reef-safe sunscreen

    Got questions about all of this sunscreen talk? We've got your back.

    Learn more

    Coral planting 101

    Who hasn't even been curious about how this works? Check out how we've planted football fields worth of coral around the globe.

    Learn more

    Sun safety tips

    In 2018, Hawaii became the first state in the nation to pass the “Sunscreen Law” – legislation that bans sunscreens containing harmful chemicals.

    Learn more

    8 steps to protecting our coral reefs

    There's a LOT of information out there. We know. But here are the 8 key things to remember.

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    How you can make a difference

    Cutting back on energy use, decreasing water usage and eliminating unnecessary waste are among the best ways to help our oceans and coastlines.

    Learn more about the small steps you can take to make a big difference.

    Protect the ocean

    Over 70% of Earth’s surface is water, so the health of our planet is deeply connected to the health of our oceans. Here are 4 ways you can do.

    Learn more

    Banning plastic

    Every year, humans toss over 6 million tons of waste into the world’s oceans. It’s estimated that 80% of that trash is plastic.

    5 best eco-activities

    You can help - even while you're on vacation! Here are 5 examples of how you can take a hands-on, direct action to be part of the solution.

    Learn more


    Guest education

    Our responsibility is to provide both beautiful, lasting memories for our guests worldwide and to protect the backdrop of these epic experiences. Through fun and engaging activities, beach clean ups and educational content, our guests carry the feelings and knowledge we share home with them, enabling our efforts to extend far beyond our shores.

    World Oceans Month

    June is World Oceans Month, calling attention to the vital role that the sea plays in our everyday lives. Our OZONE platform provides an opportunity for our guests and hosts to take an active role in fighting for the sustainable future of our oceans.

    Your next vacation awaits.