Outrigger's ZONE (OZONE)

The OZONE is Outrigger Resorts' global conservation initiative committed to preserving our coral reefs.

OZONE (Outrigger’s ZONE) is a global conservation initiative centered on protecting the health of coral reefs and the oceans surrounding the iconic beach destinations of Outrigger Resorts. Over 60% of the world’s coral reefs are under immediate threat from climate change, over fishing and land-based pollution. OZONE is an action plan to make a positive impact on reef conservation.

OZONE generates awareness and enhances the guest experience through interaction and learning. Guests of Outrigger Resorts may view in-room videos, attend on-property lectures, and participate in community activities like coral planting.

OZONE was launched in 2015 in celebration of World Oceans Month and in partnership with government, private industry, and conservation organizations worldwide.  We encourage you to browse these websites and visit the local aquariums we support on your next trip to an Outrigger Resort. 

What are 10 things you can do to protect coral reefs?  Find out

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