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South-Central Coast

The south-central coast of Vietnam is best known for stunning natural beaches that lure tourists to its sunny shores.  Undersea exploring on scuba dives, skimming waves on Jet Skis, dining on international cuisine, and dancing at late-night clubs are just a few of the many ways vacationers are making the south-central coast a holiday destination rivaling the best in Asia.  North of the well-established resort city of Nha Trang lies Quy Nhon, a new resort area with a wide sandy coastline and tranquil surroundings.  In just a few years, this region of ancient Cham culture and secluded bays, with access to Vietnam's fascinating central highlands, will be open for discovery.  Explore with Outrigger Hospitality!

Outrigger Vinh Hoi Resort and Spa - Opens in 2016
Luxury beachfront hotel and villas located in Quy Nhon on the south-central coast of Vietnam

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Outrigger Vinh Hoi Resort & Spa, South-Central Coast, Vietnam

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