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Hawaiian Cultural Activities

Lei makingHula dancer at vow renewal ceremony on the beachOutrigger Reef on the Beach cultural activitiesOutrigger Reef on the Beach

These complimentary guest activities offer a glimpse into Hawaii's rich heritage. Practice easy traditional crafts, learn the rhythms of the islands, and "talk story" with local artisans about what makes Hawaii a special place.  Activities are exclusively for guests of Outrigger Reef on the Beach.  Activities and schedule are subject to change.

Printable version of the cultural activities calendar (PDF 414 KB)

12:00 pm    Native Hawaiian plants and their uses
  1:00 pm    Make a ti leaf anklet or bracelet
  2:00 pm    Art of bamboo stamping

  9:00 am    Storytelling: Hawaii's myths and legends
11:00 am    History of Polynesian tattoo design
  1:00 pm    Make a kukui nut bracelet

  7:45 am    Hawaiian wedding vow renewal ceremony (Please register in advance at the hotel's reception desk.)
11:00 am    Ukulele lesson
  1:00 pm    Hula lesson

  9:00 am    Make a ti leaf anklet or bracelet
10:00 am    Art of bamboo stamping or petroglyph printing on greeting cards
  1:00 pm    Make a Hawaiian name tag

  9:00 am    Storytelling:  Hawaii's myths and legends
12:00 pm    Native Hawaiian plants and their uses
  1:00 pm    Make a Hawaiian bookmark

  7:45 am    Wedding vow renewal ceremony (requires advance registration - please see staff at front desk)
  9:00 am    Make a flower lei
10:00 am    Hula lesson
11:00 am    Ukulele lesson
  1:00 pm    Make a Hawaiian name tag 

  9:00 am    Na Ali`i Walking Tour: 2-hour guided historical tour of Waikiki


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