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Outrigger Honors the Voyage of the Hokulea

Malama Honua, Taking Care of Island Earth


The Hokulea Worldwide Voyage is a five-year journey to focus attention on values and practices to support a more sustainable future. The Hokulea will carry its message of hope to 26 nations and 85 ports. It's dedicated crew will share the Hawaiian concept of malama aina, caring for the earth's natural resources, and learn from other cultures about perpetuating the health and vitality of the land, sea, and inhabitants of our living world. Outrigger joins with Hokulea's many sponsors and contributors to support this extraordinary voyage. 
Malama Honua with Polynesian Voyaging Society 
Outrigger's Parallel Path with the Polynesian Voyaging Society

Expanding Horizons

Follow Hokulea's journey on the live tracking map on View map

Hawaiki Rising

Hawaiki Rising chronicles the historic early voyages of Hokulea. Author and former Hokulea crew member, Sam Low, shares his insights on the legacy of the canoe and her unprecedented accomplishments. 
Read an interview with the author: Talk story with Sam Low
Visit Sam Low's website for more about Hawaiki Rising

A Celebrated Past Renewed

Hokulea's sister voyaging canoe, Hawaiiloa, will remain in Hawaii during the years that Hokulea and its escort canoe Hikianalia travel the world. Hawaiiloa will be a training vessel for the younger generation of navigators and crew. Hawaiiloa's construction and successful maiden voyage to Nukuhiva in the Marquesas and Raiatea in French Polynesia in 1994 was another milestone on the path to re-establishing the Hawaiian voyaging tradition. 
Read more about Hawaiiloa's history and Hawaiiloa's restoration



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