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Thailand is called the 'Land of Smiles'. It seems natural that a simple smile, a universal gesture of hospitality, is the defining feature of this alluring country.

Thailand's beauty is powerfully striking yet gracefully serene. The gleaming Temple of the Golden Buddha dazzles while monks in saffron-shaded robes reflect in quiet prayer. Relics of proud civilizations are carefully tended as revered treasures in World Heritage preserves. The Asian elephant, a brawny beast that once thrived in the jungles, is now protected in safe havens away from the vagaries of a modern world.

Thailand is a tapestry of modern and ancient, of nature and man-made. Bustling Bangkok, an energetic hub of unbridled commerce and exotic entertainment is also where Thailand's royal family resides, and the seat of government rules over a contemporary kingdom. Dense forests of the northern regions harbor peaceful monasteries and wildlife sanctuaries. Natural waterways snake south through hilly terrain and a patchwork of farmlands into the country's most famous navigable river, Chao Phraya, and its heavily trafficked canals. Distinctive wat architecture, Thai silk weaving, traditional theater and classical dance endure alongside the fads and fashion of present-day.

Thailand's elongated peninsula, sometimes compared to the trunk of the stalwart elephant, is flanked by the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. Hundreds of miles of radiant, sandy coast draw sun-seekers to explore secluded islands, extraordinary limestone monoliths, and pristine undersea refuges.

Thailand has been a crossroads to invaders, traders, pilgrims, and explorers. It has amazed, inspired and delighted all who have traveled its captivating pathways. Embark on your own journey to discover the Land of Smiles!

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