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  • October in Photos

    polihale state beach parkOn Saturday, I head to Molokai for a week-long photography workshop with Dewitt Jones, Rikki Cooke and Jack Davis. We’ll rise before the sun and stay out after dark pointing our cameras—spiffy DSLRs like a barely-used, new-to-me Canon 5D Mark II and handy ones like my iPhone—at horizons, beaches, palm trees, churches, hula dancers and who knows what else. We’ll download those images onto our computer hard drives and, hopefully, tweak them into something meaningful. Maybe, if we’re lucky, even something approximating art.

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  • From Cupcakes to Muffins under a Tsunami Warning

    Destination: Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu

    I only saw his silhouette, backlit by the moon. He passed the house and, then, turned back. I wouldn’t be able to identify him today. We had yet to even pass the plate of home-made vegan chocolate cupcakes I’d made for dessert. I’m surprised we even heard him. “You know we’re under a tsunami warning?” the stranger said more than asked.

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  • Rubbernecking at Kilauea Volcano

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    sunset behind jagger museum at volcanoes national parkOn my last visit a few weeks ago, Halemaumau Trail was closed at the seam where the trail’s descent through a shady rainforest met up with the desolate crater floor, a demarcation line as distinct as blue and red in this upcoming election. A few years ago, a lava lake at the southeastern end of Halemaumau Crater started to generate excitement. It split open the crater floor and has grown to nearly 500 feet in diameter and more than 600 feet deep. This “pit within a pit” is the reason for the glow that is visible after sunset from the Jagger Museum. This week, I read that the level of this lava lake was rising quickly and threatened to flood the floor of Halemaumau Crater.

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  • Odyssey of a Hawaiian Monk Seal and a Volunteer in Waikiki

    Destination: Oahu

    hawaiian monk seal and surfer statue in waikikiThe sky above Diamond Head had just started to pink when I hit Kalakaua Avenue for my morning walk. I wasn't alone. Surfers bobbed on the waters off Waikiki Beach, which, I quickly noticed, rippled with a late-season south swell. Dogs had hit the streets, too. One particular chocolate Lab strained at its leash, its head cranked toward the ocean, yearning and excitement oozing from its whole body. On the beach, a group of Japanese soccer players ran drills. Another man was inventing a new form of stretching exercise.

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  • Get A Job. Part Two.

    Here’s part two of my interview with Brian Kohne, writer-producer-director of the Hawaii-made feature film Get A Job. And don’t worry. It’s not all about passion. There’s some madness thrown in, too.

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  • Get A Job. Part One.

    I didn’t expect to like Get A Job. No way. This was a favor for Carol Yotsuda. I was at the screening to take tickets, find people seats, smile. Not enjoy the movie. Which is exactly what I did.

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  • Let's Talk About Politics. Or the Weather.

    Destination: Kauai

    polihale state beach parkEveryone’s talking about these three things right now in Hawaii: One, the big swell that’s kicked off winter’s surf season. We’re talking 25- to 30-foot waves. I went to Polihale to see it. The waves were rolling in one right after another with water running up the beach in whirlpools. I was drawn to the mountain end, the start of Napali Coast and the place according to Hawaiian tradition that is the jumping off spot for spirits leaving this world. 

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  • Sam Choy's Bounty of Breadfruit Recipes

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    a smiling sam choy with a breadfruitWhile we’re on the subject of ‘ulu—breadfruit—I thought I’d share Sam Choy’s recipes from the Breadfruit Festival. He was so generous about handing them out that I doubt he’d have a problem with me posting them here, but, if you do, Sam, let me know, and I’ll pull them down. 

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  • Discovering Breadfruit on Big Island

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    breadfruit roasting on grillOne not-so-rare discovery that I made yesterday along Kauai's Mahaulepu coastline was breadfruit. This discovery came after a weekend on Big Island enjoying the Breadfruit Festival, where I discovered 1) numerous tasty ways to eat breadfruit; and 2) an ancient agro-forest once ran a full 1/2 mile wide by 18 miles long growing--seat belts low and tight, people--breadfruit.

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  • September in Photos

    kim at end of haleakala trekIn 1881, some 15 years after Mark Twain visited Hawaii, he wrote his friend and fellow essayist Charles Warren Stoddard, "If the house would only burn down, we would pack up the cubs and fly to the isles of the blest, and shut ourselves up in the healing solitudes of Haleakala and get a good rest...."

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