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  • The People You Meet on Planes

    boarding pass to honolulu, hawaiiLast week, en route to Oahu on Hawaiian Airlines, I sat in the window seat on the “three side.” That meant two others blocked my route to the aisle. They turned out to be husband and wife, born and raised on Kauai, high school sweethearts and married for 27 years. He had recently lost 50 pounds, and they were heading to Sacramento for their son’s college graduation, a son whose future concerned them, because he was a bit of an introvert and, well, a “gamer.”

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  • How I Learned to Meditate

    Destination: Kauai

    sunset from nualolo kaiWe all know Hawaii excites the senses. Travel writers galore have written about the comforting blanket of warmth that envelopes a body after stepping off a trans-Pacific flight. Even though they are only starting to blossom this spring, we can all pull the heady scent of gardenia from our memory bank and imagine the tapestry of bougainvillea draping a hillside. And the ocean. Her sounds run the scales, from kissing our toes in a frothy shoreline to droning her engine in a hard-pounding northwest winter swell.

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  • My Big Birthday Weekend

    I discovered just how easy it is to travel to and from the West Coast these days. We didn’t have to take a red-eye out of Lihue and lose precious sleep, requiring a couple days recovery. Not only that but we booked very affordable flights through Hawaiian Air, making a long weekend to/from Hawaii a very real possibility.

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  • Resolve to Fall in Love with the World

    swirling clouds over kalalea mountainThis is the time of year when some of us make resolutions. Take the dogs for more walks on the beach. Stop noshing on malasadas for lunch. Start meditating. Read the classics. What we're talking about here is some kind of behavior change.

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  • 2012 in the Rearview Mirror

    reflection of hula dancers in waterOne of my favorite photographs from the year resulted from a sunset photo shoot at the beach, and no, the image is not of a setting sun over the ocean. (Although there is one of those, too.) No, I’m thinking of the picture that I took when I turned my back on the sun. What I discovered was the beautiful evening light embracing three hula practitioners who were dancing along the waterline, their reflections shimmering in the retreating surf.

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