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  • Does Writing Matter in a Travel Blog?

    A woman took her place behind the podium and said the most profound words of the entire TBEX conference, ones I hadn’t heard anyone say before or after the three-day event. At least, they were the most profound to me, because she was singing my personal travel writer’s song. The most important element to a great travel blog, she said, is a great travel story.

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  • What to Pack for Hawaii

    Destination: Kauai

    I remember my first Hawaii discovery. I was 25, young and in love, visiting Kauai for the first time on my honeymoon. I thought I had everything in the world. A husband. A Hawaiian vacation. A suitcase with all the necessities--bikini, a hot sundress and strappy sandals in the suitcase.

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  • Picture Your Perfect Hawaii

    Destination: Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu

    kilauea volcano lava flows into sea on big islandWhat's your picture-perfect Hawaii getaway? I get asked all the time something like, "What are your favorite things to do in Hawaii?" Or, "I'm coming to Kauai; what shouldn't I miss?" Sometimes it's my friends who ask. Sometimes it's friends who ask for their friends. Sometimes, it's even my co-workers who know I write a blog and edit a website that shares all that information. But, still, they have to ask. In honor of Outrigger's Picture Your Perfect Hawaii sweepstakes, I am revealing my list here.

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  • What to Remember to Pack

    What I remembered to pack: iPhone, Blackberry, Canon G9 camera, Canon T2i camera, 17-55mm IS, lens, 70-300mm IS telephoto, Laptop, Travel-size mouse, Thumb drive, Air card, Charger for laptop, Charger for iPhone, Charger for Blackberry, Card reader, Battery charger for Canon G9, Battery charger for Canon T2i, Business cards.

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  • Hawaii Island's Best Beach for Snorkeling

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    snorkelers at kahaluu bay on big islandWhen I arrived at Hawaii Island’s number one snorkeling beach last week, the tide was low, revealing bright green seaweed growing on rocks. Exactly 77 beach-goers were out--reclining on beach towels, wading in the water, swimming and snorkeling. A dozen more sat at the picnic tables under the pavilion. Sean, a one-time public defender from California, manned the lifeguard tower, and two retired school teachers, Ken and Regan, set up shop for ReefTeach.

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