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  • Whale-Watching in Maui #2

    Destination: Maui

    At 7:30 this morning, the sun glinted off the ocean like it was a field of diamonds.  Three minutes outside the Lahaina Harbor, Captain Karl of Maui Adventure Cruises nosed the boat northwest.  He had already spotted our first humpback whales of the morning.  Thar she blows.

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  • Whale-Watching in Maui #1

    Destination: Maui

    When I visit Maui, one of the first places I go is Maui Tacos. Thankfully, my plane touched down today just before lunchtime. After lunch, I traveled down South Kihei Road to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Sanctuary’s education center. And on to Papawai Scenic Lookout.

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  • On the Road to Maui

    Destination: Maui

    So, I am headed back to Maui this weekend, departing tomorrow.  Yes, I have a rental car all reserved.  Let’s hope it’s available when I arrive.

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  • Surf’s Up in Hawaii.

    Destination: Kauai

    Cars lined east side surf spots this past weekend.  An unusual sight for us, because the island’s best surf usually hits the north shore.  However, this weekend, our northeast tradewinds barely puffed while variable winds whispered from the south/southwest, making the rolling waves on the east side as smooth as butter.

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  • Manta Ray Ballet

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    Manta ray, underwater photograph, Hawaii Big Island

    If I am ever abducted by aliens, I hope they are as gentle and peaceful as manta rays.I have long wanted to dive with the manta rays off the coast of Big Island. In Hawaii, dive operators claim the experience is the number one night dive in the world, and I have heard many stories about it. How the manta ray gatherings started when a hotel discovered that the spotlights it beamed into the ocean at night attracted the behemoth creatures. How manta rays fly through the water as graceful as ballerinas. How the week before my dive a humpback whale joined the dance, followed by a small school of spinner dolphins.

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  • Anticipate Shutter Lag

    Destination: Oahu

    I was on Oahu yesterday, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay with my new underwater housing for my Canon G9.  Here’s a photo from my adventure.  I have many more just like this one, all fish tails.  Long-time volunteer docent and quasi-professional photographer Larry Winnik suggested I spend more time anticipating a fish’s behavior and less time chasing them.  Thanks, Larry!

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  • On Parole

    Destination: Kauai

    On the heels of a swell that left the waters off Kauai’s south shore rocking and prevented dive boats from leaving Kukuiula Harbor, I went scuba diving yesterday.  You could say it was like we’d finally been released from our prison of waiting.

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