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  • Molokai Mule Cam Video

    Here are just a few seconds of the hour-and-a-half ascent from Kalaupapa to topside Molokai from the back of a mule.

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  • World Famous Kalaupapa Mule Tour

    mule known as stripeThe sun had yet to crest Kamakou, Molokai’s highest mountain at 4,970 feet, when we pulled up to a stable--its paint long gone, its tin awning a pleasant rusty red--and an equally weathered sign that said, “World Famous Kalaupapa Rare Adventure. Kalaupapa Mule Tour.” A dozen, saddled mules tugged at the few sprigs of grass growing along the edges of the corral out front. My eyes immediately went to one—a male, laden with brown spots and sporting the longest white eyelashes I’d ever seen. I could have sworn he batted them at me.

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  • Poi Dog Blog: A Cowboy, Vanilla Farmer, Photographer, Philosopher, Whale & Dolphin

    cute, little poi dog named luluAsk someone in Hawaii, “What kind of dog is that?” and they’re likely to say, “Oh, I don’t know. A poi dog.” Poi dog. Also known as “mixed breed.” Or, better yet, mutt. (I like how “mutt” doubles the “t” at the end of the word, a hint at the definition—a dog with an ancestry of more than one breed.) This column—Poi Dog Blog—as I’ve decided to call it, is simply a mash-up of articles I like from the Internet, all about Hawaii and written by a variety of authors. This edition shares stories on herding cattle, a Hawaii vanilla farm, whether Hawaii is "worth it," an amazing photographer and equally amazing tale of inter-species play between a whale and a dolphin.

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  • Christmas Bird Count 2010

    I wasn't looking forward to today.  We've experienced some pretty hard rains that past few days, causing flash flooding, power outages, rock slides and road closures.  I wasn't too keen on counting birds in the rain.  But it wasn't raining this morning.  It was glorious.  (A tad muddy, though.)  A couple visiting from Whidbey Island in Washington joined us, modeling a creative way to volunteer on vacation.  Here is a slide show from today's bird count at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, one of thousands taking place throughout the country during this time as part of the National Audobon Society's 111th annual Christmas Bird Count.

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  • A River of Lava on Big Island

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    kilauea volcano lava flows into sea on big islandIn doing some research on ghost stories and Pele in Hawaii (they go hand in hand, many say), I ran across this October 28, 2010 video of a river of lava flowing to the sea on Big Island. It could be said the video is better than seeing it live, because you won't get this close to the lava yourself--trained scientists took this video--and not that you'd want to, quite frankly.

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