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View From Here - Outrigger Travel Blog - Hawaiian Monk Seal

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  • A Beautiful Hawaiian Monk Seal at Keauhou

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    hawaiian monk seal in tide pools at keauhouThere’s a big, fat Hawaiian monk seal asleep in the tide pools outside Keauhou Beach Resort right now. I spotted her when I checked into my room and—like I always do first-thing—yanked open the curtains to check out the view. The female seal sleeps on a rock a few hundred feet away from a huge heiau, making me think how Hawaiian monk seals bridge time.

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  • Whatever Happened to Kolohe the Monk Seal?

    Destination: Kauai

    monk seal wearing electronics on back

    A couple months ago, one rascally Hawaiian monk seal appeared on a Kauai beach with extra baggage. That is, a giant ulua hook. The fish hook had lodged deep in the monk seal's throat and veterinarians decided the wily buggah wouldn’t take kindly to them digging in his throat to remove it. So, they flew him to Oahu to perform the procedure in a controlled environment. He spent nearly two weeks there but was eventually flown back to Kauai and released on a south shore beach.

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  • May in Photos

    Destination: Kauai, Oahu

    otsuji farm greensMay was busy but the photos may not show it. The month started with a tour of Otsuji Farms on Oahu. The farm got its start in 1954, and the city sorta grew up around it, so now you could call it an urban farm. It’s a three-generation farm. The middle generation still makes sure the place runs. Edwin, wearing his signature Crocodile-Dundee-hat, led the tour.

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  • The De-Hooking of an Hawaiian Monk Seal Called Kolohe

    Destination: Kauai

    monk seal wearing electronics on backWhen the plane finally came to a reverberating rest, and the pilot shut off its propeller engines,the Hawaiian monk seal known as Kolohe was home. But not even an endangered monk seal is immune to flight delays. Engine trouble had pushed Kolohe’s arrival in Lihue back three hours.

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  • There is Hope for Hawaiian Monk Seals

    Destination: Kauai

    hawaiian monk seal and pup in waterFour years ago this week, a young Hawaiian monk seal gave birth to a healthy, little pup on a remote beach on Kauai’s North Shore. Sadly, the new mother showed absolutely no interest in her pup. She didn’t nuzzle it. She didn’t present her teats for nursing. It wasn’t the first time she had turned away from her offspring. This same female had birthed in very nearly the same spot the year before with the same result—she abandoned her pup.

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