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  • Guest Blogger: Keryn Means Satisfies Her Pregnancy Cravings

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    keryn means with camera"Normally, when we visit Hawaii, beaches are the first things we research. Not this trip. The number of dog-eared food pages in my guidebook was higher than my sunscreen SPF rating. Such is the life of a pregnant woman on vacation." Guest blogger Keryn Means shares her cravings from Hawaii (Big) Island.

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  • A Garden Basket of Farm Stories

    Destination: Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu

    Bags of lettuce greens at Hawaii's farmers markets.A couple weeks ago, I toured Kahuku Farms on Oahu’s North Shore. While I was on Oahu, I also noshed my way through Kapiolani Community College’s Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning, eating a spiral of sweet potatoes and taro on a stick. (Not deep-fat, batter-fried!)

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  • Beat the Heat with Vanilla-Infused Arnold Palmer

    glass of vanilla arnold palmer drink

    It’s hot. After a couple relatively cool days and grey skies, thanks to a storm named Amelia that passed south of Hawaii, we’re back to typical summer weather: Sunny and hot. Now, that’s generally not a problem on these tropical islands conveniently situated along a stretch of ocean that enjoys nearly year-round breezes. Just drag a beach chair under a palm tree and let the trade winds make life pleasant. But apparently, Amelia’s sucked up all the wind, because it’s so still that not even the chickens are scratching the lawn for bugs. Hoppy and her latest batch of chicks have retreated under a bush. 

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  • Kauai and Keystone Are More Alike Than You Think

    I woke up this morning to the sun blazing through my windows, and for a minute, I thought I was wearing a wetsuit. Then, I realized I was in Hawaii, asleep in my own bed on Kauai; and not attending a travel bloggers conference in Keystone, Colorado, where the air is so dry that I drained Keystone Lake to sate my thirst and applied a five-gallon bucket of lotion to my dry skin. 

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  • Hamakua Mushrooms and the Hukilau at Anini Beach

    Destination: Kauai

    High school graduations, summer vacation and a recent holiday weekend all point to summer on Anini Beach, a long thin, thread of sand on Kauai’s North Shore with a white ribbon of breaking surf a hundred yards off-shore where the primarily algae reef, home to a high number of endemic fish and marine organisms, greets incoming waves from as far away as the Bering Sea. Summer means Hawaii’s surf season has swung around to the south shores of the archipelago, the recipient of waves delivered by winter storms in the southern hemisphere. But stiff trade winds draw kite boarders and windsurfers to the usually calm inner lagoon, so there’s still plenty of fun to be had on the water at Anini.

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