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  • Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

    close up of newborn laysan albatross chickI’ve been thinking about the ocean a lot lately. Last year, it seemed like my summer was spent mauka--on the hiking trails around Hawaii. But this summer, my adventures have been of the watery nature--makai. I’ve kayaked Napali Coast. Surfed a long board and an outrigger canoe. Snorkeled and just basically splashed along the coastline. Then, too, there was Flossie. But there have also been Laysan albatrosses.

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  • Attacked by a Giant Moth

    Destination: Kauai

    Can you bruise your eyeball? Because I think I did. And the perpetrator was a giant moth. It happened last night. I was outside, with a backyard light shining, walking my two dogs before bed. I saw the moth, thought, Holy moly, that thing’s big, as it circled the light, and made a sudden detour like a missile—for my eye.

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  • My Earth Day Celebration

    Destination: Kauai

    Laysan albatross adult flying into sceneHawaii is nature and nature is Hawaii. You've got your turquoise blue ocean with beaches of black, green and red sand. You've got your green mountains striated with hiking trails. Your rivers and streams ripe for kayaking explorations. Waterfalls. Botanical gardens. Nature preserves, wildlife refuges and national parks. With so many choices in which to spend Earth Day, how was it that on Monday, April 22, I found myself sitting in an air conditioned office building with fluorescent lights making my eyes burn?

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  • A Shama Thrush Builds A Home in My House

    Destination: Kauai

    rooster with tailThe skies were blue when I retreated to the lanai with my morning tea. At the foot of the stairs, a rooster stretched his head and let out his best crow. A few seconds later, another rooster on the other side of the house responded, and the domino effect made its way down the valley. Other birds were singing, including a Western meadowlark, its black V set on bright yellow breast. A Zebra dove cooed.

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  • The Amazing Longevity of Laysan Albatrosses

    Destination: Kauai

    albatross chick profileThese Laysan albatross chicks spent 65 days inside a calcium closure before pipping their way to freedom several weeks ago. And, now, if they are able to steer clear of the hooks belonging to long-line fisheries, to evade eager sharks swimming below the surface of the ocean and, more devastating, to resist ingesting plastic that can be mistaken for food, these three Laysan albatrosses just may live to be older than I am. In fact, old enough--if they'd been contributing--to collect social security benefits.

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