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  • The Deep Freeze of Makauwahi Cave

    Destination: Kauai

    kim at makauwahi cave reserveThe first Sunday of every month, I drive to Mahaulepu on the south shore of Kauai. Not to go to the beach at Poipu. Not to golf at Kiahuna. Not to dine at the Beach House, Merriman’s Fish House, or any one of the many fine restaurants reachable via Kauai’s well-known Tree Tunnel, although sometimes, I do wind up at Puka Dog or Da Crack for a quick bite.

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  • 10 Tips for Creative iPhoneography for the Soul. Part Two.

    molokai beach at sunsetDewitt Jones’ longtime friend and fellow National Geographic photographer Rikki Cooke sat behind him. The two longtime friends couldn’t be more of a visual contrast. In place of Dewitt’s crisp Tommy Bahama look, Rikki wore t-shirts tinted with Molokai’s red dirt. But both Rikki and Dewitt wore the same puka shell bracelets, made by a local artist--and soon the purchase and “family crest” of my fellow workshop participants of Creative Photography for the Soul.

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  • Creative Photography for the Soul. Part One.

    infra-red of a palm tree

    I arrived on Molokai one Saturday afternoon as vog rolled in from the south and filtered the horizon in haze. It made for some interesting sunset photography. But the vog’s appearance also meant no cooling trade winds to take the edge off the intense sun, and so, in three words, it was hot. But the weather would change throughout the week, as it does in Hawaii.

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  • October in Photos

    polihale state beach parkOn Saturday, I head to Molokai for a week-long photography workshop with Dewitt Jones, Rikki Cooke and Jack Davis. We’ll rise before the sun and stay out after dark pointing our cameras—spiffy DSLRs like a barely-used, new-to-me Canon 5D Mark II and handy ones like my iPhone—at horizons, beaches, palm trees, churches, hula dancers and who knows what else. We’ll download those images onto our computer hard drives and, hopefully, tweak them into something meaningful. Maybe, if we’re lucky, even something approximating art.

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  • Get A Job. Part Two.

    Here’s part two of my interview with Brian Kohne, writer-producer-director of the Hawaii-made feature film Get A Job. And don’t worry. It’s not all about passion. There’s some madness thrown in, too.

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  • Get A Job. Part One.

    I didn’t expect to like Get A Job. No way. This was a favor for Carol Yotsuda. I was at the screening to take tickets, find people seats, smile. Not enjoy the movie. Which is exactly what I did.

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  • Discovering Breadfruit on Big Island

    Destination: Hawaii Island

    breadfruit roasting on grillOne not-so-rare discovery that I made yesterday along Kauai's Mahaulepu coastline was breadfruit. This discovery came after a weekend on Big Island enjoying the Breadfruit Festival, where I discovered 1) numerous tasty ways to eat breadfruit; and 2) an ancient agro-forest once ran a full 1/2 mile wide by 18 miles long growing--seat belts low and tight, people--breadfruit.

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  • September in Photos

    kim at end of haleakala trekIn 1881, some 15 years after Mark Twain visited Hawaii, he wrote his friend and fellow essayist Charles Warren Stoddard, "If the house would only burn down, we would pack up the cubs and fly to the isles of the blest, and shut ourselves up in the healing solitudes of Haleakala and get a good rest...."

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  • Discovering Hawaii in "Islands Linked by Ocean"

    Destination: Oahu

    Islands Linked by Ocean is a collection of short stories all set in Hawaii, except for one. That story's set in Las Vegas, which everyone calls the eighth Hawaiian Island, anyway, so, really, we can say all the stories are set in Hawaii.

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  • The Coco Palms: 20 Years after Hurricane Iniki

    Destination: Kauai

    shatter glass sign at coco palms hotelSeptember 11, 2012 marks the 20th anniversary that Hurricane Iniki made landfall on Kauai, clocking 145 mph winds and gusts topping 230 mph. According to yesterday's article in The Garden Island, six fatalies were blamed on Iniki. Damages totaled more than $1.8 billion, including the loss of 1,400 homes and severe damage to 5,000 more.

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