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  • The Contemporary Museum. I mean, Spalding House.

    Destination: Oahu

    view of diamond head from spalding houseI am on Oahu, staying at the Outrigger Luana Waikiki, which sits, propitiously, next door to Ft. DeRussy Park, a perfect compliment to the theme of this long weekend trip to Oahu—not the fort part but the park part. As you may know, I believe in trip themes. This trip’s theme is meditation. Or introspection. Maybe contemplation. You get the idea. It’s probably true that I have the Dalai Lama to thank for this. He’s speaking on Sunday at the University of Hawaii’s Stan Sheriff Center.

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  • In Search of My New Hero

    Destination: Oahu

    sea turtle hauling out on beach

    I wasn't in Haleiwa on Oahu's North Shore to surf. I didn't much care whether the surf was breaking at Jockos or not. But I did want to know whether Jocko's mom was around. Surfline couldn't tell me that. I'd have to find out for myself. I first learned of Audrey Sutherland when I read the February/March issue of Hana Hou, Hawaiian Airlines' in-flight magazine. According to the magazine, Audrey Sutherland has paddled an estimated 12,000 thousand miles along some of the world's most epic coastlines. In an inflatable kayak. Solo.

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  • March in Photos

    Destination: Maui, Kauai

    green sea turtle basking on the beachMarch 2012 will be known for its rain. Rain morning, noon and night. Rain in the mountains. Rain at the beach. Rain in town. Rain in the country. Every way you slice it, rain. There were flooding, road closures, rock slides, mud slides and waterfalls I hadn't seen in years. Blessedly, every single one of the Laysan albatross chicks that I monitor survived, even without their parents, who, in March, had started leaving their chicks alone, so they could venture further out to sea and return with great gobs of the regurgitated golden nectar chicks love.

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  • 'Ulalena at Maui Theatre

    Destination: Maui

    I walked into the Maui Theater a couple weeks ago knowing little about ‘Ulalena: A Story of Hawaii’s People. I left knowing this. ‘Ulalena. What it is: A theatrical interpretation of the history of Hawaii from the cultural point of view of the Hawaiians. ‘Ulalena. What it is not: A lu’au experience.

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  • Rainy Day Books. Good for Sunny Days, Too

    It’s actually quite sunny today where I am right now—Outrigger’s Royal Kahana Resort in West Maui. A couple walks the beach, taking turns snapping pictures of each other that are probably already posted to Facebook. A mother and her young daughter practice sun salutations. A skin diver circles a reefy patch off-shore, trailing a scuba flag attached to an inflatable. Three snorkelers flick the water with their red, yellow and blue fins. Below me, on the grass, a family of four sips the same strawberry-rose-colored smoothies. A woman reads a Kindle. A man reads a hardback book. A magazine’s pages flutter in the breeze. As I write this, a man glides by with powerful strokes on an outrigger canoe. I look for the telltale signs of humpback whales, but the only wrinkle in the day are the strong winds that create white flecks of sea beyond the reef and make spotting the blows and pec slaps and flukes of whales all but impossible.

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