What I Forgot to Pack When I Left Hawaii

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What I Forgot to Pack When I Left Hawaii

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Hawaii Island , Kauai , Maui , Oahu
Aug 10, 2010

When you live in Hawaii, there are certain items essential to life in Hawaii and no where else.  (Those cheap, plastic, uni-sex flip-flops, for example, that sell for $2.99 at Long's and which we wear to hike, run, walk the dog, attend a luau, go to church and shop, among a million other every day and special events.) 


On the flip side, when you live in Hawaii, there are certain items necessary to life elsewhere and absolutely meaningless in Hawaii.  (Case in point:  long johns.)

Whenever you go on vacation--to Hawaii or elsewhere--there is always something that gets forgotten.  Isn't this true?  I am currently in Squaw Valley, California, attending a writing conference (which explains why I am not blogging much this week).  And, of course, I forgot a few essential items.

This is what I forgot on my trip to Squaw Valley, California:

-Lotion:  The air is dry here.

-Closed-toe shoes:  The air is chilly here. My toes are constantly cold.

-Comfortable walking shoes that don't leave blisters:  My feet are pampered.  After wearing slippahs (flip-flops) for 10 years, my feet have lost their callouses on the tops of my baby toes, across the top of the base of my big toe, below the ankle across the top of my foot and at the back of my heel.  They are not used to being stuffed in shoes that wrap around my entire foot.

-Pareo:  My bath robe.


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