Laysan Albatross Chicks Hatch in Hawaii

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Laysan Albatross Chicks Hatch in Hawaii

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Kauai
Feb 08, 2010

This ball of fluff otherwise known as a Laysan Albatross chick is 7 to 10 days old here.  A full two-thirds of this albatross species uses the string of Hawaiian Islands stretching from Hawaii in the southeast to Midway in the northwest as its nesting grounds.  For another few days one of its parents (both mom and dad are required to see this little guy--or girl--fledge come Julyish) will sit on it until it can thermoregulate on its own.  This parent seems to be saying, "What's going on here?  Why just the other day I could sit on you."  As of this past Friday, 36 chicks had pipped (hatched) at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai.  Another colony is sprouting chicks at Kaena Point on Oahu.



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