Adventure Napali and Beyond to Niihau

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Adventure Napali and Beyond to Niihau

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Kauai
Aug 27, 2010

Earlier this summer, we asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite Hawaii adventures.  Far and away, the number one favorite adventure in Hawaii takes place on the ocean.  At least, for our Facebook fans.  Of all the water-related activities mentioned, experiencing Kauai's Napali Coastline ranked right at the top. 

It was just the excuse I needed.

I've enjoyed the beauty of Napali by helicopter and on foot.  I've hit the water and paddled kayaks and canoes and motored along the coast on catamarans and Zodiac-style watercraft.  I concur.  Napali Coast is spectacular.  Surely not to be missed.

But it had been a couple years since I'd toured the coastline.  I was long past due for a visit.  It wasn't hard to cajole my friend Laura into joining me on my adventure.  Here's our story.

The sun rose at our backs and escorted us down Highway 50 on Kauai toward Port Allen, our embarkation point for a day’s adventure on the Pacific Ocean.

If an analog clock face was dropped over the island of Kauai, Port Allen sits at 7:00. Our journey would take us to Kalalau Valley along the iconic Napali Coast, or 10:30. Then, we’d traverse 17 miles of a sometimes rough ocean, crossing Kaulakahi Channel, to drop anchor on the north side of the privately-owned island of Niihau.

When I asked my friend Laura, visiting from Loomis, California, whether she wanted to join me on a boating excursion to Napali and Niihau, she didn’t hesitate. “Yeah, baby,” she said.

As others heard about it, we attracted more friends to the adventure the way a collector urchin attracts bits of shell and algae. Some things in life are meant to be shared. Holidays, for example. A big ‘ol slab of Hula Pie from Duke’s. A bottle of velvety Oregon Pinot Noir. Napali Coast.

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