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Walking Waikiki

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Oahu
May 25, 2011

I chose to walk the 15 minutes from Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach to the Waikiki Aquarium where two languid and slippery seals napped as the annual Outrigger Leadership Conference got underway on the nearby lawn.
When I come to Oahu for business meetings, I prefer to hit the streets on my own two legs rather than hail a cab or, even, hop on the effervescent trolley that meanders the streets of Waikiki. And while dress shoes don’t always make the best walking shoes, I don’t mind the sore spots they create on my tender feet that usually live sans footwear when I am at work behind the desk of my home office.
That’s because there’s no better way, I think, to get a sense of what Waikiki is all about than to walk the sidewalk that skirts Kuhio Beach Park and Queen’s Surf. I prefer the 6:00 hour when the light of the setting sun is dramatic. Great for picture-taking. Here, you’ll find a mash-up of people I ran across on my walk. It should give you a feel of the place.
A man wearing a pair of Groucho Marx glasses with bushy eyebrows and mustache and a very, very large nose. Only this man wasn’t headed to a costume contest. The glasses, the eyebrows, the mustache, the nose—the nose!—were all quite real.
A pudgy elementary school girl in a bikini balancing a red longboard on her head. “Daddy, my head hurts,” she said.
A tutu wearing a blue muumuu and white tennis shoes, skipping to some beat emanating from the earmuff-like headphones wrapped around her head.
Three young women in beach cover ups weaving--maybe one too many mai tai drinks at Duke's--down the sidewalk.
A toned woman in running shorts and a jog bra breezing by me.
A dripping man carrying a boogie board under one arm and leaving a trail of wet footprints.
A boy-next-door-type cleaning up after his Beagle.
A street man pushing a shopping cart with beach mats protruding like pick-up sticks.
Two men, heads bent, engaged in a game of chess.
Suntanned woman smoking a cigarette under a palm tree.
Honeymooners in pressed shorts and spaghetti-strap sundress alternating steps and smooches.
A texting twenty-something male with a head of textured-black hair.
A straw-hat bedecked woman with tomato-red skin carrying two ABC-store bags. 

Get the picture?


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