Sunrise Seal: 11 Days Old

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Sunrise Seal: 11 Days Old

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Kauai
Apr 09, 2009

Mom doesn’t like visitors who get too close.  This is how she responds when a male encroaches.  This is also how she’d respond to us, if we ventured near.  When this pup was born, two different males came to investigate, most likely to check out the mom.  The males must know that the sign of a pup means mom will be going into estres in a few months, and they were already lining up to add their names to her dance card.  For over a week, these two males kept watch, sometimes engaging in their own posturing activities.  Mom always tried to keep herself between the males and the pup.  Unfortunately, the pup—typical kid—didn’t always obey its mother.  She wanted to investigate, too.  Every time I saw her hump her way toward a male—behind mom’s back—the males backed off, which was good to witness, because that doesn’t always happen in the animal kingdom.

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