Sampling Tropical Fruits at Ono Farm on Maui

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Sampling Tropical Fruits at Ono Farm on Maui

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Maui
Apr 02, 2009

Tray of sliced dragonfruit at Ono Organic Farms in East MauiThirty-five years ago, Chuck and Lili Boerner left Honolulu for remote Kipahulu on East Maui to start a family-run, organic farm at a time when most farmers were selling their land to corporations and moving to town.

“It’s actually staggering for us to even comprehend. I hardly remember doing it. You just do it because you love it,” said Lili one Thursday afternoon under overcast skies as she passed around wicker plates lined with banana leaves to a group gathered on her lanai for her weekly farm tour and fruit tasting.

“I’m using banana leaves. It’s a new project,” she said. “I don’t want to buy paper plates anymore. We just got back from India, where they use newspaper.


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