Day 2: Advice, Thoughts and Quips from Around the Hawaiian Islands Writers Conference

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Day 2: Advice, Thoughts and Quips from Around the Hawaiian Islands Writers Conference

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Oahu
Aug 30, 2008

Gary Braver, bestselling and award-winning author of six critically acclaimed thrillers:  “Avoid adverbs like they’re pigeon droppings”

Eldon Thompson attended the Maui Writers Conference for five years before selling his fantasy adventure novel to HarperCollins.  “I was so bad my first year that there was some concern I was here stalking Terry Brooks.”  Eldon’s formula for success includes passion, preparation, patience, prioritization and perseverance.

David Morrell, known as the father of the modern action novel:  “There are writers and, then, there are civilians.”

David Morrell, also known for writing the book which inspired the movie Rambo:  “Writing is a perishable skill.”

David Morrell, founded the International Thriller Writers professional organization and yet says, “I love being alone.  I consider it—the need to socialize—a hazard to this profession.”

Neil Nyren, editor-in-chief of Putnam, whom client Wendy Merrill calls a superstar:  “Disco may be dead.  John Edward’s political career may be dead.  But the book is not dead.  It will never die.  We are hardwired for story.”

Glenda Burgess, whose book The Geography of Love landed at bookstores this month:  “Trying to edit yourself is like trying to examine your back for freckles.”

Diane Lake, screenwriter with the film Frida to her credit:  “I decided to write what I wanted to write and, then, they could not buy that.”

Mary from Everett, Washington:  “The best piece of writing advice I heard today came from Jillian Manus [of Manus & Associates Literary & Media Agency, Inc.] who said, ‘Know who reads your book and why, know what distinguishes your book from others and be ready to explain why you are the authority to write it.’”


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