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Snorkeling & Water Adventures

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  • Scuba Diving

    All the great stuff to do atop the water sometimes leads us to forget the real beauty beneath the surface. Although snorkeling and snuba (more on that later) do give you access to this world, nothing gives you the freedom of scuba.

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  • Parasailing

    Parasailing is the training-wheels approach to extreme sports—you think you want to try something crazy, but you're not ready to step out of an airplane quite yet. Generally you fly about 500 feet off the water, enjoying a bird's-eye view of everything, while also enjoying the silence that envelops you at that height. As we said, it's a nice alternative to leaping from planes that still gets you seeing the sights.

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  • Kayaking

    Kayaking is quickly becoming a top choice for visitors to the Islands. Kayaking alone or with a partner on the open ocean provides a vantage point not afforded by swimming and surfing. Even amateurs can travel long distances and keep a lookout on what's going on around them.

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  • Jet Skiing, Wakeboarding, and Waterskiing

    Aloha Parasail/Jet Ski. Skip across the surface of the immense Keehi Lagoon as planes from Honolulu International Airport soar above you. After an instructional safety course you can try your hand at navigating the buoyed course. The company provides free pickup and drop-off from Waikiki hotels. Waverunners run about $45 per person for 45 minutes of tandem riding time, $75 to go solo. Keehi Lagoon, Sand Island Access Rd., Honolulu, HI, 96819. PHONE: 808/721-1754.

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  • Deep-Sea Fishing

    The joy of fishing in Hawaii is that there isn't really a season; it's good year-round. Sure, the bigger yellowfin tuna (ahi) are generally caught in summer, and the coveted spearfish are more frequent in winter, but you can still catch them any day of the year. You can also find dolphin fish (mahimahi), wahoo (ono), skip jacks, and the king—Pacific blue marlin—ripe for the picking on any given day.

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