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Snorkeling & Water Adventures

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  • Red: The Color of the Night

    Closeup of dragon eel by Wendy McIlroyThe first time I was scheduled to dive the area known as “Tunnels” on Kauai, there was an extremely low tide producing strong currents as the incoming water rushed back out to sea through a narrow channel. Another night, there was Hurricane Daniel, which was eventually downgraded to a Tropical Depression when it bypassed the island.

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  • Volunteering + Vacation = A Dream Come True

    Visitor Julie Honnert monitors endangered Hawaiian monk seals on KauaiWhen Julie Honnert comes to Kauai on vacation, she doesn't sit on the beach and read a book.  “One of my messages is volunteerism. I always tell people I am on vacation. Most people have never thought of it—volunteering on vacation. Many turn to their spouse and say, ‘Oh, honey, we should do this.’" Read More
  • Snorkeling Kauai

    Explore the undersea world at these favorite snorkeling beaches on Kauai's North Shore, South Shore, East Side, and West Side.

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  • Wendy McIlroy: On Kauai's Reefs

     Wendy McIlroy, veterinarian and scuba intructor, shares her thoughts on diving the waters of Kauai.

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  • Shaken, Stirred and Moved by Manta Rays

    Underwater photograph of manta ray by Bo PardauI have long wanted to dive with the manta rays off the coast of Big Island. In Hawaii, dive operators claim the experience is the number one night dive in the world, and I have heard many stories about it. Read More