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Snorkeling & Water Adventures

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  • Krista Heide: On Hawaii's Reefs

    Krista's day (and, sometimes, night) job requires her to dive and snorkel around the state (love that) for Reef Check Hawaii.

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  • Larry Winnik: Snorkeling Hanauma Bay

    Larry Winnik is a long-time volunteer at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve where he enjoys swimming, snorkeling and capturing the beauty of the bay underwater.

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  • Learning to Surf

    Learning to surf on Waikiki BeachGrowing up, Oregon native Neil Kopp swore to all of his surfer buddies that riding the waves was one thing he'd never do. But then he visited Hawaii and guess what happened? Read More
  • Duke Kahanamoku Continues to Inspire

    Known as Hawaii's greatest athlete, Duke Kahanamoku continues to inspire today's water sports enthusiasts.

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  • Red: The Color of the Night

    Closeup of dragon eel by Wendy McIlroyThe first time I was scheduled to dive the area known as “Tunnels” on Kauai, there was an extremely low tide producing strong currents as the incoming water rushed back out to sea through a narrow channel. Another night, there was Hurricane Daniel, which was eventually downgraded to a Tropical Depression when it bypassed the island.

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