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  • Consider the Sailboat

    diamond-head-buoy-runConsider the sailboat plying the waters off Waikiki. With its billowy sails unfurling in the wind, a bow pointed toward the wide-open oceanic spaces of points unknown, the sailboat evokes a certain set of feelings and passions and desires. There are few images as iconic.

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  • Sharks, Shrimp & Pie

    snorkeler in water at shark's cove on oahuI convinced my co-worker Andrea to kick off a couple hours early and take me to one of her favorite snorkeling beaches—Shark’s Cove, a few miles past Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore. She seemed gung ho, but when I upped the offer with dinner at a nationally-recognized shrimp truck, she was all in, as they say. Read More
  • Maui Man Paddles SUP Board from Big Island to Kauai

    On Tuesday, June 21, just before 9:00 p.m., Bart de Zwart stepped off land at Keokea Bay on Big Island. Five days later, just before sunset on Sunday evening, he took his first steps on ground again at Kalapaki Beach on Kauai. He took 215,000 paddlestrokes to navigate his 14-foot stand-up board on what he called the “ultimate crossing,” a 300-mile journey.

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  • Despair and Hope in Marine Debris

    Albatross skeletal remains packed with plastic at Midway AtollThe Law of Polarity. I’ve also heard it referred to as The Law of Opposites. Whatever you call it, I experienced it for two days last week in Waikiki at the Fifth International Marine Debris Conference in the form of despair, on the one hand, and hope, on the other. Read More
  • Happy World Water Day

    Albatross skeletal remains packed with plastic at Midway AtollToday, March 22, 2011, is World Water Day, and I am headed to Waikiki not to go to the beach, not to surf the tail-end of a surprising south swell, not to shop at Ala Moana Shopping Center, not to go to dinner at Duke's. But to attend the 5th International Marine Debris Conference. The pavement was wet when I left the house just before dawn, thanks to some overnight showers. Read More