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  • Shark Week: Its Coming.

    Next week, Discovery Channels' perennial favorite "Shark Week" begins. If the above PSA is any indication of the focus this year's program will take, the next person to ask me, "Are there sharks in the ocean," may really be concerned that there aren't. We should all be concerned that there are fewer sharks in our oceans.

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  • Celebrate World Oceans Day

    Very large Hawaiian monk seal mom and her one-day-old pupAs for me, I spent most of Saturday at the beach. If you’ve followed my blog for the past few months, you won’t be surprised that I was pup-sitting an endangered Hawaiian monk seal. But I wasn’t checking on “Sunrise Seal,” about whom I have written and photographed extensively. At 6:00 a.m., I checked on a pregnant mom, known at K01. When I left at 10:00, she had rolled back down into the water. I figured she was heading out to feed one more time, because once she pups, she won’t get another good meal for five to seven weeks. At 2:00 p.m., I received a text message: K01 had pupped. Read More
  • Anticipate Shutter Lag

    I was on Oahu yesterday, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay with my new underwater housing for my Canon G9.  Here’s a photo from my adventure.  I have many more just like this one, all fish tails.  Long-time volunteer docent and quasi-professional photographer Larry Winnik suggested I spend more time anticipating a fish’s behavior and less time chasing them.  Thanks, Larry!
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