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Surf School

If watching surfers shred at Waikiki or the North Shore inspires you to learn to surf or piques your interest in the surf culture and industry, you don’t have to go far. Oahu offers many people willing to help you ride waves.

In Waikiki:

Ty Gurney Surf School
At just four years old, San Diego native Ty Gurney paddled out on a surfboard for the first time. He entered his first surf contest on Oahu’s North Shore at the age of seven and has loved surfing in Hawaii ever since. Gurney taught at Hans Hedemann Surf School before starting his own program to focus on private lessons, small groups and customized surf safaris. In addition to being a popular surf instructor, Gurney is also a certified lifeguard in Hawaii. Contact: or (808) 772-3545

Faith Surf School
Tony Moniz started Faith Surf School with a passion to share his love for surfing and his extensive surfing experience to all who wanted to learn. Moniz has been a professional surfer for the past 25 years. He surfed the ASP World Tour, has been an invitee to the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational for 22 years, and is known worldwide as a big wave rider and an “Ambassador of Aloha.” Moniz is eager to provide all participants with a fun learning experience they won’t soon forget. Contact: or (808) 931-6262

Hans Hedemann Surf School
Experts at Hans Hedemann Surf School strive to make surfing an exciting, memorable, fun, and successful experience. With several locations on Oahu, including Waikīkī and the North Shore, Hans Hedemann makes lessons easily accessible for surf students of all levels. Lifeguard and CPR trained instructors will teach proper paddling techniques, how to turn and maneuver the surfboard, positioning to stand up and ride waves, and proper water safety and etiquette. Contact: or (808) 924-7778


Hawaiian Fire Surf School
Based on the dream of three firefighters, Hawaiian Fire Surf School transports visitors from Waikīkī to a secluded, sandy beach and gives surf lessons with soft-top surfboards and protective rashguards and footwear, reflecting their work as safety professionals. The fact that the instructors are both firefighters and surfers puts them in the unique position of life-saving professional, both in and out of the water. Their many safety certifications in Open Water Rescue, EMT-B and CPR provide participants with a worry free environment. Contact: or (808) 737-3473

North Shore Surf Girls Surf School
The North Shore Surf Girls Surf School, located on the North and South Shores, offers surf lessons to men, women, and children with surf experience ranging from beginner-level to experienced surfer. All of the instructors are females whose experience ranges from former professional surfers to “Baywatch” stunt doubles and surfers featured in the surfer girl movie “Blue Crush.” Contact: or (808) 782-5036

Elite Surf Lessons Hawaii
Owned and operated by current world champion professional surfers Kai Sallas, Randall Paulson and Jason Magellenes, Elite Surf Lessons Hawaii offers surf lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. Most lessons are taught outside of Waikiki, away from the crowds, but the instructors can provide lessons at any Oahu location and customize lessons to each student’s interest. Whether a student wants to catch their first wave, an experienced surfer who wants to hone his or her skills at Oahu’s famous surf breaks, or a fitness enthusiast looking to try paddle boarding, the latest workout craze, Elite Surf Lessons Hawai‘i offers something for everyone. Contact: or (808) 258-5652/(808) 265-0949

Surf Lessons With Sunset Suzy
Sunset Suzy caught her first Hawaiian wave on Waikiki Beach when she was 15 years old. She later became a lifeguard on the North Shore of Oahu and started the first women’s surf camps in Hawaii. Her women’s surf camps now focus on learning surfing skills, surfing and linking up surfer girls from all over the world. Contact: or (808) 781-2692

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Paddle Core Fitness
Beach boy paddle boarding has been around for decades as a form of riding the ocean’s swells. Today it is one of the world’s fastest growing recreational water sports and is also known throughout the world as stand up paddle boarding. Paddle Core Fitness incorporates a fun workout, into the sport, building strength through balance and resistance, and enabling students to walk on water. Contact: or (808) 723-5357

AccesSurf Hawaii
On the first Saturday of every month, AccesSurf Hawaii sponsors a “Day on the Beach” at Barber’s Point Beach Park for disabled persons who love the ocean. AccesSurf Hawaii is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make Hawaii’s beaches accessible to everyone. Its volunteers teach mentally and physically challenged individuals how to surf and swim through adaptive surfing and shoreline floatation/swimming. All who are interested can spend a fun and relaxing day at the beach while also helping those with disabilities surf, swim and enjoy the outdoors. Contact: or (808) 236-4200

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