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  • See How the Ukulele is Made

    Stacks of rough koa timber beams give way to a small shop filled with sawdust, noisy machinery and fifty or so craftspeople cutting, sizing, sanding, bending, gluing, hammering and forming wood. Everyone works with a singular, determined purpose: to make the industry’s most sought after ukulele.

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  • The Ukulele: Time for You to Learn

    Have you ever played an ukulele? Have you picked one up and strummed your fingers (or fingernails) across its soft nylon strings? Have you heard the surprising rich, distinctive tones of those four silky filaments? If you haven’t, you really, really should. “What,” you say, “I’m no musician!” Guess what? It doesn’t matter. 

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  • The Poetry of Hawaiian Music

    Close up of koa ukuleleKi hoalu, which translates to English as "loosen the key," is the Hawaiian name for the solo fingerpicked style unique to Hawaii. In this tradition, the strings (or "keys") are "slacked" to produce many different tunings.

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  • An Interview with the Musician Daniel Ho

    Daniel Ho Slack Key GuitaristDespite winning more Grammy awards than he could safely carry, Daniel Ho remains a kind and giving soul. Speaking with him as he readied for a trip to Japan, he was happy discussing everything from the intricacies of melodic structure to his favorite Hawaiian fish restaurants.

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  • Makana is on the Move

    Makana plays slack key guitar at Waikiki Aquarium at sunsetPlaying gigs across Hawaii and on the Mainland.  Recording new material in Los Angeles.  Even meeting President Obama at the White House.  His incredible slack-key guitar skills are on display for those lucky to catch one of his live shows. Read More