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Camping has always been the choice of cost-conscious travelers who want to be vacationing for a while without spending a lot of money. But now, with the growth of ecotourism and the skyrocketing cost of gas, it has become more popular than ever. Whatever your reasons for getting back to nature, Oahu has plenty to offer year-round.

Camping here is not as highly organized as it is on the Mainland: expect few marked sites, scarce electrical outlets, and nary a ranger station. What you find instead are unblemished spots in the woods and on the beach. With price tags ranging from free to $5, it's hard to complain about the lack of amenities.

State Parks

There are four state recreation areas at which you can camp, one in the mountains and three on the beach. All state parks' campsites can now be reserved up to a year in advance online. The fee is $18 a night per campsite for up to six people.

County Campsites

As for the county spots, there are 15 currently available and they all do require a permit. The good news is that the permits are free and are easy to obtain.

For beach camping we suggest Bellows and Kualoa.

Camping is not just all about the beach, however.

Camping Indoors

If tent camping sounds a little too rugged, consider cabin camping on the beach. These spots do not offer the amenities of the island's hotels and resorts, but they do provide oceanfront rooms for those on smaller budgets.

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