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  • What's Your Favorite Hawaii Adventure?

    ATV rider at Kualoa Ranch on OahuA few weeks ago, we conducted an informal poll on Facebook. We asked, “What’s your favorite Hawaii adventure?” 168 of our fans responded. Many of you could not make up your mind and reeled off a laundry list of your favorite adventures. We ran all those responses through our not-so-very-scientific analysis—called hand tabulating—to give you this report. Read More
  • Get Your Fill of Spam in Waikiki

    Spam jam waikiki cansTomorrow, some 20,000 people are expected to crowd Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki on Oahu between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. for—of all things—SpamJam. (Officially, Waikiki SpamJam.) Yes, we’re talking about the canned, spiced ham here. Read More
  • Pancakes Hawaii-Style

    I missed National Pancake Day yesterday and, for some reason, I feel like I missed out on something. Pancakes—particularly pancakes topped with bananas and macadamia nuts—are steeped in the food culture of Hawaii. Especially topped with coconut syrup. Read More
  • It's Malasada Tuesday in Hawaii

    During Hawaii’s plantation days, in one last hoorah—so the story goes—the Portuguese community cleaned out all the butter and sugar from their cupboards and made big batches of a yeast-based dough, from which golf-ball-sized chunks were then deep-fried in oil and dipped in sugar. They shared these doughnut-like confections with everyone—neighbors, friends and family.

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  • Turning Lemons into Pie

    Take it from me, there's nothing more satisfying than making a dish with ingredients from your own yard.  Now, that doesn't mean I'm all Martha Stewart these days, because I am the first to exclaim how good those store-bought, frozen pie crusts are, and I willingly admit I made my lemon pie with just such a purchase.

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  • A Farmer’s Market Near Diamond Head

    Ono Organic Farms dragon fruit on MauiEvery Saturday morning locals and visitors alike gather at the foot of Diamond Head to sip fresh brewed Hawaii coffee, peruse the rows of local produce and sample a delectable variety of freshly made foods that range from grilled burgers made with 100% grass fed beef from North Shore Cattle Company to Licious Dishes’ vegan raw offerings sourced from local farmers. The Farmer’s Market at KCC happens every Saturday morning from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the Kapiolani Community College. Read More
  • Shave Ice Hawaii Style

    mother and daughter enjoy shave ice in hawaiiShave ice as we know it is believed to have been invented in Yokohana,  Japan, in 1869. (Yes, 1869.) By the 1920s, shave ice was a fixture in stores throughout Japan. It only made sense, then, that as Japanese moved to Hawai'i and opened stores, they sold shave ice, as well. The frozen concoction isn't isolated to Japan and Hawaii, as many of you may know. It's found around the world. What makes Hawai'i's particularly nice, we think, is its super-fine, fluffy texture and tasty tropical flavors. Read More
  • Now: Crepes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    At their first festival, Chris and Rosario started serving crepes at 9:00 a.m. Immediately, a line 20 to 30 people deep formed at their station. Shortly after lunch, one customer asked, "How long have you been in business?" Chris turned to Rosario, glanced at his watch and, then, looked back at the customer. "Five hours," he said. The line never diminished, and they stopped serving crepes at 9:00 p.m. That was in 2007. Read More
  • Should You Plan an Itinerary for your Hawaii Vacation?

    I have a question for you: When you go on vacation, do you make an itinerary?  Let it be known that I am an inveterate list-maker. Thinking about what I need to do tomorrow? I make a list. In my office ready to start my day? I make a list. Going grocery shopping? If I don’t have a list in hand when I leave the house, I sit in the car and make one before I walk in the store.  Why? Because I hate it when I forget something.

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  • Kani Ka Pila Grille Evokes Essence of Hawaii’s Deep Musical Heritage

    Kani Ka Pila Grille, located pool-side at the newly renovated beachfront hotel, serves lunch, dinner and tropical drinks daily, but its real draw is the top-notch live entertainment.

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