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  • Diversity in Islamic Art at Shangri La

    shangri la artwork“Islamic art dates from the 8th century to present day and pretty much encompasses the countries from southern Spain all the way to India, so Islamic art is very diverse,” said Barbara Buchman, taking cover from the bright sun in the shade of an 80-year-old banyan tree. “If you take away anything from my tour, that’s it. That Islamic art is very diverse.” Read More
  • Luana Maitland Shares Her Hawaiian Culture

    luana maitland teaches mother and daughter to string leiI was born and raised in Hawaii, and am three-quarters native Hawaiian by ancestry. My heritage is important to me, and I’ve always wanted to work somewhere where I could incorporate my culture in my daily work. Read More
  • Come. Join Donna Kahakui.

    donna kahakui on outrigger canoe, kai makanaWhen you ask Donna Kahakui where she comes from, she answers, the ocean. “I come from a family of fishermen. To me, the ocean is my best friend,” she says. “I am more coordinated in the ocean than I am on land.” Read More
  • Wyland’s 100th Whaling Wall Celebrates Green Olympics

    With exactly 100 monumental marine murals in 80 cities and 15 countries across the world to his credit, the artist known as Wyland can be considered a global citizen. And, yet, we in Hawaii consider him one of ours, as we regularly drive and walk past his eight life-size murals gracing the sides of, and in some cases, wrapping around multi-storied buildings across our islands. Even Wyland considers Hawaii his “first home,” as he puts it.

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  • Lottery Excerpt

    My name is Perry L. Crandall and I am not retarded. Gram always told me the L stood for Lucky. "Mister Perry Lucky Crandall quit your bellyaching " she would scold.

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