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Hiking & Land Activities

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  • East Maui: Windy, Green and Curvy

    Hana is famous.  Actually, it’s the road to Hana that is famous.  For the traveller, driving to Hana gives you bragging rights.  When someone asks, “What did you do today?” and you say, “We drove to Hana,” the response is always one of big eyes and surprise.  “You did?” they ask.  “All the way?” they continue.  “How was it?” they want to know.

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  • 4th Marine Division Memorial Park

    Up Kokomo Road you'll find a large puu (volcanic cinder cone) capped with a grove of columnar pines and the 4th Marine Division Memorial Park. During World War II, American GIs trained here for battles on Iwo Jima and Saipan. Locals nicknamed the cinder cone "Giggle Hill" because it was a popular hangout for Maui women and their favorite servicemen. www.co.maui.hi.us.

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  • Cowboy Fun: Rodeos and Polo

    Paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) show off their skills at three major annual events: the Piiholo Cowboy Classic in September; the Oskie Rice Memorial Rodeo in December; and Maui's biggest event, the 4th of July Rodeo, which comes with a full parade in Makawao town and festivities that last for days.

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  • Slack-Key Guitars and Ukuleles

    You may not think about Hawaii's music until you step off a plane on the Islands, and then there's no escaping it. It's a unique blend of the strings and percussion favored by the early settlers and the chants and rituals of the ancient Hawaiians.

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  • Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

    Cruising has become extremely popular in Hawaii. For first-time visitors, it's an excellent way to get a taste of all the Islands; and if you fall in love with one or even two Islands, you know how to plan your next trip.

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