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  • Volunteering on Vacation: A New Way to Travel

    My husband and I went to Maui to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We planned the usual romantic activities for such an event—a meandering drive on the road to Hana and dinner for two at a romantic restaurant, Pacific’O, practically right on the beach in Lahaina. But we’ve also decided to try something different on this vacation.
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  • Aloha!

    “Aloha.” It’s a word we hear and use every day in the islands. It’s a Hawaiian word so common to the English language that it appears in most English dictionaries. My four-inch thick Webster’s Third New International Dictionary—which I have to dust off before every, infrequent use—gives the word’s definition as: LOVE, AFFECTION, KINDNESS—often used to express greeting or farewell.  And, yet, aloha can mean much more than that.
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  • Spotlight: Hawaiian Monk Seal

    Hawaiian monk seal at Waikiki AquariumThis rare seal is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and is found no where else in the world. Its primary natural habitat lies in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, the most remote part of the Hawaiian chain. Read More
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